The Best Bluetooth Speakers: A 2022 Guide

Despite the introduction of more advanced smart speakers, we still love our BLUETOOTH speakers. Bluetooth-enabled speakers are a must if you want to listen to music and podcasts on the go. Instead of relying on an Internet connection to broadcast music like speakers with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth-compatible speakers don’t depend on that.

To make Bluetooth speakers easier to carry around, they often have sling straps or water-resistant bodies. However, it is up to you to choose which speaker is ideal for you. But there are so many different speakers on the market, and it can be hard to know what you’re looking for, but this list, which would rival the list of the best online casinos, will help you make the best decision:

Sonos Move

The Sonos Move is the best Bluetooth speaker on our list. It features a neutral, well-balanced sound that works well with a wide range of audio files. Using the Sonos S2 app, you may modify the sound’s bass and treble levels. You can use its built-in Google Assistant and Alexa features while connected to Wi-Fi, even if you aren’t particularly near to it. One of the most common uses for this device is to connect two Sonos speakers and create a stereo pair.

Battery-powered with a handle on its back, this speaker can be moved within the house or taken outdoors with you, making it easy to use. It has a battery life of more than 10 hours, which makes it ideal for marathon listening sessions. This device is certified for safety against dust and water for up to three minutes and up to two to eight hours with an IP56 certification. You can take it outside without fear of it becoming a little dirty or ruined.

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2

When it comes to budget-friendly speakers, this Bluetooth speaker is an excellent option. The 360-degree shape of this stereo speaker gives it incredible directivity. It has a decently balanced sound profile that may be used to listen to a wide range of audio material. There is an ‘Outdoor Mode’ setting touted to assist boost the bass of the vocals and lead instruments in the mix. You may dunk the device for 30 minutes in up to a meter of water with an IP67 classification, which means it is completely dust-tight. Also, it’s tiny and lightweight, and it comes with a built-in strap for easy transportation.

However, it lacks a deep and resonant low bass, like most tiny speakers, but there is no graphic EQ to fine-tune the sound. For those who desire greater control over their speaker’s sound profile, Anker Soundcore Flare 2 could be the speaker for you. However, the battery life is shorter, and the build quality is more flawed than that of the Ultimate Ears.

Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM

The Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM is the loudest and most portable Bluetooth speaker we’ve tested thus far. The sound quality of this portable speaker does not degrade as you increase the level, so your music stays clear and clean even when the volume is cranked all the way up. In addition, the sound can be adjusted to fit the space it’s in with the use of the room correction feature. It features a moderate and blended sound profile that is excellent for listening to a wide range of music genres when it is activated. The accompanying app’s visual EQ and presets let you fine-tune the sound profile. A built-in sling strap makes it easy to bring your music with you wherever you go. It’s sturdy and dust and water-resistant, having an IPX4 certification that allows it to tolerate minor drops of water. But if you’re on the run and don’t have a lot of room in your bag, this may not be the best option.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker is a better option than the Sonos Move if you want a smart speaker you can take with you everywhere you go. It is battery-powered and includes a built-in handle to make it easier to move about. It’s also water-resistant, having an IPX4 rating, so you don’t have to be concerned about it getting wet when you take it outdoors in light rain. Google Assistant and Alexa are pre-installed, so you’ll have no problem using this Bluetooth speaker in loud surroundings or from a distance.

Due to its 360-degree design, the soundstage is wide and natural-sounding. The midrange is well-balanced, which guarantees that vocalists and lead instruments are reproduced properly and with clarity in the mix despite its somewhat boomy sound out of the box. To fine-tune the sound, a companion app includes bass and treble controls. However, like most speakers of this size, it is unable to recreate the deep thud and rumble in low-bass that is commonly sensed in bass-heavy music such as hip-hop or EDM.

Tribit StormBox

Tribit’s Bluetooth speakers sound better than you’d expect for the price, yet you’ve probably never heard of them. Our favorite model is the StormBox. Pill-shaped, it features two drives and passive radiators. Even though it can’t power an all-out rave dance party on its own, the quality of its sound is excellent, and it includes an additional bass button that provides some unexpected, but somewhat muffled depth of sound. Whether you’re playing music in the backyard, rafting down the river, or just hanging out with friends, this portable speaker has plenty of power life and an IPX7 waterproof classification.

According to our research, the above-mentioned Bluetooth speakers are the best on the market right now for the majority of people. Nonetheless, avoid getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty. There is no such thing as an ideal speaker. It’s more important to consider your own listening habits and preferences when making a decision.