The Best Bush Furniture Desks for Every Interior


A good desk has never been more important than it has been since the beginning of the pandemic. As we all get more and more used to working from home, we’ve surely learned the hard way that a makeshift office made of sofas, chairs and kitchen tables is not good enough to endure eight-hour shifts five days a week. 

Bush Furniture desks are among the most reliable, affordable, and stylish options on the market, coming in different finishes and models made to fit into virtually every interior. Let’s look into which Bush Furniture desks are right for you to complement your existing decor and interior.

Classic and Timeless

Classic and Timeless

A classic design will always give a touch of elegance to any home, and that’s why the Saratoga Executive and Yorktown Bush Furniture desks are perfect if this is the style you’re into.

The Saratoga Executive Bush Furniture desks are one of the biggest investments you could make for your home office. Distinguished, timeless, and imposing, they will make your workspace instantly look more professional. 

Choose between a standard or L-shaped model, both with built-in drawers that will give you enough storage for all your needs and add a sophisticated touch to your home office.

For a slightly simpler, more space-saving option, opt for the Yorktown Bush Furniture desks, which will create a beautiful home office environment with a time-worn classic look.

Modern and Space-Saving

Modern and Space-Saving

If you live in a small apartment and think you don’t have enough space for a good desk, you couldn’t be more wrong. Luckily, there are amazing space-saving Bush Furniture desks designed keeping those like you in mind.

Say goodbye to working at crammy little kitchen desks and welcome your choice of Wheaton, or Townhill — two of the most space-saving and compact Bush Furniture desks available.

Townhill’s adaptable and compact designs are perfect for small homes, and they seamlessly fit into any corner. The Wheaton Bush Furniture desks’ versatility and functionality add a compact footprint to any interior, creating a small home office corner in any room they’re in. 

Another wonderful idea for small home owners and tenants are secretary desks. Although often considered outdated, they are making a big comeback and are proving to be functional and space saving. Choose between the Bush Furniture Salinas, Bristol and Key West Collections to find the perfect one for you.


If you’re a fan of simple, minimalist designs, the Bristol Bush Furniture desks are made just for you. The clean design will add a modern flair to any home, maintaining a simple, linear design perfect for lovers of minimalism.

Choose between a standard, L-shaped, or office desk with hutch depending on your need for extra storage space. If you’d like to complement your desk with a gorgeous chair, opt for the coordinated box chair to add a touch of upscale design to the room.


Vintage designs look great in any interior, whether the rest of the home is in a similar design or not. The kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Ironworks desks are a perfect addition to your home, enriched by gorgeous industrial-style details. 

These desks will fit perfectly into a home office, living room, or even an entryway, giving you ample surface to work on and a possibility to change working environments should you decide to.


Lastly, if you’re into singular and modern designs, the kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Madison Avenue desks will truly make any room stand out.

These gorgeous varieties of desks are characterized by stunning geometric shapes with open built-in storage for all your essentials. If you need extra storage and would like to showcase your plants or personal items, you could opt for a marvelous L-shaped or writing desk with additional file cabinets or a bookcase. 

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