The Best Colored Contacts To Order Online: Suggestions And Care Tips

If you want to change the color of your eyes, you might be thinking about ordering them online. You may have heard different things that tell you that ordering contacts online isn’t safe or that colored contacts themselves are not okay to wear. Read on to learn how to ensure you are ordering colored contacts that are safe for your eyes and how to wear colored contacts properly so you will not take a chance of harming your eyes at all.

What are Colored Contact Lenses?

Special occasions sometimes call for colored contact lenses. Cosplay, Halloween costumes, or film and theater productions might feature them. In addition, many people wear colored contact lenses every day to alter their eye color.

The term costume contact lenses refer to lenses that change the color of your eyes. These lenses are also known as cosmetic and decorative lenses. The shape of your pupil can also be altered by different colored contact lenses. Depending on the company, they may or may not offer vision correction.

Is it Safe to Wear Non-Prescription Colored Contacts?

Contact lenses for theatrical use, cosplay clothing, or Halloween costumes may be thickened with paints and pigments. Because less oxygen gets through to the eyes, colored contact lenses may not be as breathable. Your perfect colored contact lenses will be custom-sized for the shape and size of your eyes. The use of contacts other than those that are prescribed and counterfeit can damage or infect your eyes. Click here to learn more about colored contacts safety.

Types of Colored Contact Lenses

Your hair color and skin tone will determine which contact lens color suits you best. You can achieve subtle, natural-looking effects or dramatic, dramatic looks, depending on your desired effect. There are many options available for color-enhancing or full-color contacts.

Contacts For Light Eyes

The enhancement tint will define the edges of your iris and deepen the color of your natural iris if you wish to change your appearance but in a more subtle manner.

Alternatively, if you are naturally blue-eyed, you might choose gray or green contact lenses if you want to experiment with a different eye color while looking natural. With naturally light-colored eyes and cool complexions with blue-red undertones, light brown contact lenses make a dramatic improvement if you want an immediate impact.

Contacts For Dark Eyes

Dark eyes are best suited to opaque-colored tints. Choose hazel or honey-brown lenses for a natural-looking change. But if you want your contacts to stand out, choose vivid colors like blue, green, or violet. It is also possible to create an eye-catching new look by wearing lenses that are brightly colored if your skin color is dark.

Custom Contact Lenses

Custom color tints are available from some contact lens manufacturers for prescription and non-prescription lenses if you want a truly individualized look. There are many colors and densities available for custom tints. A semi translucent color creates a natural look. Even congenital or acquired eye defects can be disguised or mimicked.

Custom-colored contacts aren’t just for cosmetic purposes. In order to increase their visual performance, professional athletes are increasingly turning to custom tints. Reduced glare and improved contrast sensitivity are key benefits of “sport tint” contact lenses. When a tennis player wears green-tinted glasses, he can better see the ball on the court.

As well as ordinary contact lenses, there are now lenses that are equipped with a photochromic tint that adapts automatically to different lighting conditions. Unlike photochromic contact lenses, however, they do not change the color of your eyes; rather, they reduce the brightness of sunlight entering your eyes under bright conditions.

Colored Contacts Safety Tips

Colored Contacts Safety Tips

Be careful about where you order your contact and check to learn more about the company when wearing contact lenses. You only want to order the best contact online from the best companies like, to ensure you are getting some that are good quality and safe. Contacts from any other stores could have issues with their material, solution, and cleanliness.

Only Wear Them As Long As Directed

The option to change your look with color contacts is available in daily disposables, those that are changed weekly, monthly, or even yearly, so there is no limit to how long you can keep them in.

Contact lenses have a certain lifespan, and it is very important that you do not exceed that lifespan. Wearing daily products only once and disposing of them immediately afterward is highly recommended.

Take Them Out Before Bed

When you are about to go to sleep, remember to take out your lenses if you are wearing them on a night out. It is even more likely that you will accidentally sleep your contacts after drinking alcohol.

Take The Out Before You Shower

It’s not a good idea to wear contact lenses while taking a shower. Getting the lenses wet can make them move around in your eyes, which could lead to them getting lodged up under your eyelids. When you remove your lenses before taking a shower, you’ll avoid infecting your eyes, which isn’t much fun. Additionally, wearing colored contacts should keep you away from swimming pools and the sea.

Don’t Try To Rinse Them Off

Tap water contains germs and bacteria that can cause sight-threatening eye infections if they are allowed to enter your eyes and or grow while underneath your contacts. As single-use lenses can be thrown away immediately after use, you don’t need to stress about this. However, if you’re using monthly lenses, be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Wash Your Hands Before Inserting Them

You should wash your hands every time you handle your colored contacts getting any dust or germs in your eyes from the contacts. It is recommended to use an antibacterial soap to wash your hands and dry them with a soft towel if possible. Try not to apply any oil-based soaps, lotion-based hand creams, or other products that can make your lenses blurry and could make it easier for bacteria to grow on them.

Store Them Properly

Most colored contacts come with cases where you can keep them when you are not wearing them. That means as soon as the contacts come out of your eyes they need to go right into this case. The case should have solution inside to help keep the contacts moist and to prevent any germs or dirt from getting on the contacts. Be sure to change out the solution often so you are always putting your contacts in something clean. Also, be sure to wash the case once a week with hot soapy water to disinfect it.