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Fall is here! And we know what does that mean… For some, it might mean pumpkin spice season but for others, it will mean that the Fall collection is out! Autumn instantly rings the bell for fashion designers that their fans are looking forward to their newest releases. And for some fervent fashionista out there, you might be getting yourself some brand-new designer outfits for Thanksgiving this year. Quick question, whom will you choose as the Best Designers of the UK? Well, here is what we think…

Vivienne Westwood

The lady is back! Well, she was never away… This top British designer is always busy bringing fancy over fancy dresses that captivates the attention of fans and shopaholics alike. Not to overlook the fact that the recent arrivals onto the market by Vivienne Westwood presented a gorgeous Vian-Dress Vino dress. An exquisite masterpiece! Fans follow her on social media and are always waiting for her latest releases. Since they know that quality is to be encountered through her products. With Vivienne Westwood, haters going to hate!

Alexa Chung

The newly risen star of the fashion industry is no other than Alexa Chung. She was previously known for her fashion blogs & books and modelling but in May 2017, she launched her own fashion brand. Her label, Alexachung, is known as a muse to many fashion designers. She is said to have a distinctive style, exactly that, fellow fans, look for! Her new release in fall brought to light some Knitted Dresses and Satin tailored Jackets. Even if it might cost you a fortune to get these fabrics onto you, it might be worth.

Victoria Beckham

The wife of David Beckham is extremely talented when it comes to fashion. The lady has a lot of moves up her sleeves. She is recognised as a style icon and fashion designer internationally. Following the success of her many fashion releases, she collaborated with high profile brand until she launched her eponymous label in 2018. She even won the Designer Brand Of The Year in 2011. If you are looking for some awesome styles, then Victoria Beckham will match all of your preferences. Her Fall collection brought light onto some phenomenal trench coats and handbags.

John Galliano

This British designer is still ruling the hearts of many fans around the UK and the world alike. One of his greatest releases was his couture collection for Christian Dior. He resurrected the splendour of Egypt through a range of exceptional outfits. Outstandingly amazing, the collection demonstrated black and golden dresses, exceptional headdresses and linen clothing. Those ladies did look like Cleopatra! Want to check out the beauty of this queen? On Cleopatra Slots at Robin Hood Bingo, you will be able to view her splendid beauty, the fabled headdress and other elements that make you remember the greatness of Egypt. Anyone for a voyage to Ancient Egypt? It is happening right at Robin Hood Bingo! Don’t forget to check out the designs!

Do you agree with our list? Well, you might have in mind other pioneers of the fashion industry. Their styles have blown you away and made you a fan and the ones listed here charmed us! If you don’t know some of these enlisted designers, feel free to check them out. They might be joining your favourite list.

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