The Best Foods to Accompany a Games Night


Games have always been popular, but never so much as they are now with all the technology that has gone into them. They have become so trendy that computer manufacturers are even designing special computers just for games. It’s not just about the speed or the graphics but also the mods they put on the computer box, the speakers, and even on the keyboard and mouse or controller.

If you are to host this week’s games night, you are probably wondering what kinds of snacks you’ll serve. Actually, the solution is easy. Don’t serve anything greasy or sticky! You wouldn’t want to ruin that gaming system that cost more than your car, would you? Here are some foods gamers seem to favor.

1. Anything Fried That’s Not Fried

As absurd as that sounds, fried foods are a huge hit with gamers and that’s why you will always find several fried dishes served at land-based casinos. In fact, that’s one of the major draws to casinos. Most have food that’s out of this world. So, how do you serve fried food that’s not fried? That’s easy! Take out the air fryer and you will have fried foods that are out of this world. Of course, with the rise in online casinos USA, most people are now gaming at home more than at the casinos. This is also why sales of air fryers have surged in recent years! Fried chicken, for example, is also healthier when ‘fried’ without the grease!

2. Appetizers of Any Kind

The reason why appetizers are great for games night is that they are typically finger foods. Gamers don’t need to drop the remote to pick up a fork and knife for a sit-down meal. Things like egg rolls, spring rolls, baked ravioli (breaded and served with dipping sauce on the side), chips, dip, and any kind of appetizer that can be plucked off the serving plate and eaten.

3. Did You Say Pizza?

Now, this one might get a bit tricky if you serve the wrong kind of pizza. You may be wondering how there could ever be a wrong kind of pizza, but on games night, there most certainly is! There is a distinct difference between Chicago deep dish pizza and authentic New York pizza. Pizza served throughout the City is a trademark of the Big Apple. These are those big slices that you literally have to fold in half when trying to pick them up to devour them. Unfortunately, the ‘trademark’ is that grease that runs down your arm every time you pick up a slice. Nothing is as delicious as a New York pie, but if you try to serve it while gamers are in the midst of a heated game, you’ll be sorry you did. (Especially if the gaming system is yours!)

You might think that the gamers were so intent on their games that they won’t even remember what they were eating. However, that’s not the case at all. Gamers love to game but gamers love to eat just as much. Present them with any kind of snack food and watch how quickly they polish it off.

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