The Best Guide to Men’s Cufflinks


Cufflinks are amazing! Men love cufflinks because it’s the only time they can wear a jewelry piece which is both decorative and functional. Cufflinks are conventionally linked to men’s semiformal evening attire. However, the attractive tiny fasteners can fill many wardrobe roles.

As long as you have a long sleeved shirt having requisite holes inside the cuff, you can wear cufflinks. If you have never worn a cufflink, you don’t know what you’re missing. Cufflinks gain lots of compliments but it’s not easy to choose which cufflink you should buy.

This is why we have created this lengthy guide for you. This article will explain various types of cufflinks in Pakistan and different materials for cufflinks. You will be enlightened with more information. For instance, how to fasten a cuff with cufflink and when you should wear one. So without further ado, let’s jump in the cufflinks world!

How a Cufflink Works

A cufflink closes a shirt by sliding through holes on both sides of the cuff opening. Afterwards, it swings to a fixed position in order to hold the sides together.

A basic cufflink consists of a big head with a decorative front. This is known as an insert member and it goes from the back of the head and a hinged toggle which comes from the post to close the link.

These are fastened by placing the toggle in the closing position. This will lead to a straight post coming down from the underside of the head. The post comes through the holes on either side of the cuffs and the toggle goes outwards to not let the post slide outwards. This maintains the cufflink in shape with the front of the head located beautifully on top of the buttonholes.

Types for Cufflinks

There are different types of hinged cufflinks and many alternatives as well.

1. Bullet Back and Toggle Closure

This is very similar to the whale tail cufflink. However, it’s post is a hollow frame and it’s closing technique is a narrow cylinder of metal which rests inside the frame. In order to fasten the locks in place, the cylinder is flipped outwards which leaves the frame in the position of post.

2. Whale Back Closure

This includes a flat head, a whale tail which flips flat against the post and a straight post. It is very simple and easy to use due to the closing technique and big post. The whale back closure cufflink is the most common one in the market.

3. Stud or Buttons

This contains no hinge mechanism. Instead, it includes a straight post, a big head and a smaller inner head or backing. The smaller head goes through the buttonhole and is tilted and then straightened to lock it in place. After it is fastened, they can not move. Stud cufflink is reliable as there are no moving parts.

4. Chain Link

This contains two heads that are typically similar and these are joined with a short length of chain. This leads to a comparatively looser fastening and visible decoration on either side of the fastened buttonholes.

5. Ball Return

This comes with a curved post having a tiny heavy ball which is oppositely located against the decorative head. This offers a bit looser fastening as compared to the hinged cufflinks. However, it is a slightly tighter one on a chain. Ball return cufflink can be costly if they are made of precious materials. This is because the size and weight of the ball increases the material cost of the cufflink.

6. Locking Dual-Action Cufflinks

This utilizes a hinge mechanism identical to the closure in a metal watch band. The complete mechanism is the hinge. First, the cufflink opens, the tiny end is placed through the opening, the cufflink is closed again which holds the sides of the cuff together under the head. This is a modern style. After you learn how to open and close it, it becomes very simple and dependable.

7. Silk Knot

This is similar to the chain link cufflink. It contains two heads joined with a short flexible length. These heads are made of soft cord (typically silk) instead of metal. The heads are also decorative knots. The silk knot cufflink is a casual style due to the irregular surface of the knots. Various colors can be added in this type of cufflink.

8. Fabric

This can be fastened in any way but the button is made of fabric and is located at the top to serve the ornamental purpose. Fabric cufflink is also a casual style.

Cufflink Materials

Cufflinks can be made of anything and decorated with almost everything too. Silver, gold and platinum are the most preferred ones.

1. Titanium

This is the most reliable material usually seen in cufflinks with etching and engravings.

2. Carbon Fiber

This is a powerful material boasting a silver surface. It’s famous and frequently seen in metal cufflinks, especially in the contemporary design.

3. Crystal

This is a versatile option for shiny cufflinks and is available in all colors, shapes and sizes.

4. Enamel

This adds colors or black gloss on the metal surface. Enamel is made of powdered fused glass. It’s very reliable.

5. Glass

This is an affordable material boasting tons of coloring choices. It’s usually casual but differs greatly depending on the style.

6. Pearl

This is a pale and shiny material taken from seashells. Upscale shirt buttons are made from mother-of-pearl material too which means buttons and cufflink can be matched together. It’s usually observed in formal and semi formal outfits.

7. Silk

This is very popular for knot and cord cufflinks. It’s less formal than stone and metal.

8. Stainless steel

This functional option is great for casual or business wear.

When you Should Wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a formal and semi formal alternative to buttons. All types of shirts including colorful, white business and casual have French cuffs or single cuffs. These cuffs have holes on both sides instead of a buttonhole. Moreover, you can ask a tailor to change any shirt with a simple buttonhole into a cufflink arrangement.

This can be done by erasing the button and adding the tiny buttonhole. This means that you can add cufflinks on literally all shirts. Men like wearing cufflinks in formal and business settings.

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