The Best High Waisted Cheeky Bikini For Your Beach Look


Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to bust out the bikini! But what kind of bikini should you choose? And how do you make sure it looks good on you? In this post, we will explore the best high waist cheeky bikini for your beach look. We will also provide tips on how to choose the right size and style, so that you can rock your summer look with confidence.

What are the Best High Waisted Cheeky Bikini Brands?

Looking for a cheeky bikini that will show off your curves? Look no further than some of the best high waisted cheeky bikini brands available today! Here are a few to consider:

  1. Wild Fable: If you’re looking for a high waisted cheeky bikini that is both stylish and comfortable, look no further than Wild Fable. This brand offers a variety of styles, including halter neck and tie-dye options, that will flatter your figure.
  2. Halter Bikinis: If you’re looking for something vintage-inspired, Halter Bikinis are the perfect option for you. This brand offers cheeky bikinis with halters or ties at the waist, giving you the perfect amount of coverage while still letting your skin breathe.
  3. Hollywood Beach Bikini Company: Hollywood Beach Bikini Company is known for its high quality cheeky bikinis and tops. Not only do they have an extensive selection of styles, but their products are also designed to be flattering and comfortable.
  4. Swimsuits For All: If you’re looking for something more affordable but still high quality, Swimsuits For All is a great option. Their products are made from premium materials and they offer multiple styles and colors to choose from.

How to Choose the Best High Waisted Cheeky Bikini for Your Beach Look

When you’re looking for a high waisted cheeky bikini to wear on the beach, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, make sure the bikini is fitted snugly and covers your modesty. When shopping for a cheeky bikini, consider the style: mini, maxi or full coverage. Additionally, consider the fabric type: cotton or nylon. And lastly, decide whether you want a bright or muted color bathing suit.

Here are four tips to help you choose the best high waisted cheeky bikini for your beach look

  1. Fit snugly – A good fitting cheeky bikini should be snug enough that it covers your modesty but not so tight that it restricts movement.
  2. Choose a style – Mini, maxi, or full coverage? Cotton or nylon fabric? Bright or muted colors?
  3. Consider fabric type – Pieces of cotton are more comfortable than neoprene swimsuits but they can be more revealing due to their transparency. Nylon swimsuits offer more protection from UV radiation but may be less revealing than cotton suits.
  4. Decide on color – Bright colors will reflect sunlight better and make you appear brighter and happier on the beach whereas muted colors will help avoid looking too covered up in case you feel self-conscious about your body

The Different Types of High Waisted Cheeky Bikini Designs

There are a few different types of high waisted cheeky bikini designs that will help you step up your beach look. The first option is to go with a traditional high waisted bikini bottom that flares out at the waist. This style is perfect if you want to show off your curves and look sleek and sexy. Also, wearing the best one piece bikinis for ladies is another great option.

Another popular high waisted bikini design is the tie-dye bikini. This outfit features colorful fabric ties around your waist, giving the appearance of extreme high-waistedness. You can also add some fun effects by tying different parts of the bikini differently or mixing and matching colors.

If you’re looking for something a little more daring, go with a cheeky low cut bikini top. This style exposes your midsection and offers plenty of sexier angles for showing off your assets. Be sure to choose a top that covers as much skin as possible, because too much exposure could make you look slutty instead of sexy.

Finally, there’s always the option to go without any type of top at all. This works well if you want to show off your tan lines and curves in all their glory. Just make sure that you’re comfortable wearing nothing underneath, because this style is definitely not appropriate for every body type.

Tips on How to Pair Your High Waisted Cheeky Bikini with a swimsuit

If you want to rock the high waisted bikini look this summer, here are some tips on how to pair it with your swimsuit:

  1. Start with a swimsuit that is lower cut on the hips. This will help to show off your pinup-worthy assets.
  2. Choose a bikini that has a high waistline or skirt, as this will give your bikini a more elevated and suggestive look.
  3. Make sure to choose vibrant colors that will stand out against your pale skin tone. Try strapping on a bright coral bandeau or pairing an electric lime green suit with sky-blue bottoms for an eye-catching combo.
  4. To amp up the sex appeal, even more, consider adding some sultry accessories such as seashell earrings or a big sun flower brooch.


When it comes to summertime beach looks, high waisted bikini buy in Kameymall. Are definitely a must-have! Not only do they flatter any figure, but they also help hide any unwanted belly fat. If you’re looking for the perfect bikini for your next beach outing, be sure to check out our selection of cheeky high waisted bikinis. We have options in every color and style so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your unique look.

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