The Best International Destinations to Visit this Summer


As the summer season approaches, the thought of taking a vacation or relocating to a brand new environment might frequently cross your mind. Simply put, the seasonal name “summer” implies that a getaway of some sort should naturally take place. But where is the best destination to visit and begin to plan a move to that won’t prove to be far too warm, to the point where you’re perpetually at risk for a severe sunburn? Determining the best place to go when the summer heat sets in can be a bit challenging, particularly if you would like to move during this season and have to figure out other components, like finding reliable international movers to assist you. But if you are equipped with a list of optimal countries to visit and live in during the summer season, you can quickly narrow down the country that most captivates you.

Find out the best international destinations you can visit and live in during the summer months!


There is no better place to visit and move to for a scenic and cool summer vacation than Greenland. Greenland is well known for its towering icebergs and its breathtaking marine life, such as whales and walruses, that can be visible to tourists by boat. Although Greenland is renowned for its winter activities, it is also a marvel to experience during the summer months. Greenland’s climate won’t ever become too stifling, and because the days are much longer than the nights during the summer, it will give you a chance to comfortably seek out fun activities to do.


According to travel experts, Australia can be one of the best and most popular international destinations to visit during the summer months. Because it is technically winter in Australia during North America’s summer, you’ll be able to take in Australia’s famed tourist locations and sprawling islands and lands without feeling burdened and uncomfortable by the heat.


Locations in Greece, like the Mykonos and Santorini, are often deemed the desired location for any traveller. With accessible and direct flights from most of North America, which can also be an asset when you need help from international movers, Greece is the perfect destination for a summer getaway and permanent relocation. Whether you want to swim in their clear, blue waters during warm days or visit historical attractions to learn about the country’s extensive past, Greece has something for everyone!


During any time of the year, Switzerland has much to offer tourists and newly anointed citizens. But the summer months are particularly attractive in Switzerland as the frigid cold subsides and warmer days commence. Switzerland will prove to be a fine host for any traveller with its famed fondues, chocolates, and the stunning Swiss alps that are a perfect sight to behold on your summer vacation.


With its rich culture and even richer food, Italy is a popular tourist destination for a reason. While the weather can become warm in Italy, to view its gorgeous scenic views by the water during the summer months will make this a location that will exceed your expectations. Italy is full of famed authentic dishes that should be tried by a tourist famished after walking the unique cobbled streets and viewing the picturesque landscape. An Italy vacation during the summer is a worthwhile venture for anyone that wants to immerse themselves in a new environment, delicious food, and stunning scenery.


To make the most out of your summer vacation, Monaco is the perfect location to visit! Bordering the coast of France, Monaco has astounding views that are unlike anything you’ve seen before! With the cool summer breezes that will pass you by as you walk along Monaco’s rolling hills and seaside boardwalks, you will feel refreshed and content from such a worthwhile trip.


If you’re seeking a summer holiday where you can simultaneously absorb a contemporary yet traditional culture in a new location, there is no better country to visit than Japan. Known for its awe-inspiring technological advances, a secure place for its citizens, and unique history, Japan is brimming with activities to pursue and sights to see. Summer is an optimal time to go to Japan as it is usually lively with festivals that can be exhilarating for any tourist to attend!


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