The best investment ideas in the global market in 2019

Everyone knows that our big world is developing rapidly, scientists and other specialists release new technologies almost every month. Today, investment trends in the global market are shaped by the tense political situation in the world, the rapid development of technology and the entry of new-generation businessmen into the market.

Not so long ago, “MIT Technology Review experts released an annual list of technologies that will be developed in 2019. Some of them are available in the global market, but most of them are only being developed. But despite this, we need to keep track of them. All these projects will be successful if you use them correctly.

Blockchain and digital currencies

Modern businessmen talk a lot about online coins and blockchain, but not all of them are willing to invest in these “dubious” assets. In addition, investment opportunities are not limited to digital currencies. However, experts are confident that this technology has excellent prospects for development in 2019. To predict which cryptocurrency will grow in 2019, you need to understand the structure of the market. Digital coins are used in different areas of our lives, including gambling sites such as Black Lotus Casino. By the way, this niche is developing fast, too. Internet casino is a very popular entertainment that gives prizes and real money to all customers. Modern gaming portals work with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Such technologies are distinguished by a high level of protection, since nobody can track your transactions and other operations. As a result, all user information is completely protected from fraudsters.

AI for each investor

Developments in the field of AI used to be the privilege of large technology companies. Thanks to the purchase of such startups, all big companies have strengthened their position on the stock exchange. For example, Google shares maintain annual growth rates of several tens of percent. But the world of technology is moving forward and developing rapidly. The continuous development of cloud technologies makes such developments accessible even to startups without much funding. For example, “Google” corporation announced the launch of a cloud system for the AI development. As a result, these technologies will be introduced into medicine, industry and energy.

Chinese companies

Nowadays, China is the leader in the emerging markets category. Against the backdrop of political unpredictability in Europe and America, most investors view markets that are developing at a rapid pace. Dynamics of recovery of stock markets confirms this. Western investors continue to actively invest in the Chinese economy. NYSEDC resource reports that the number of middle class in China will increase by more than 2 times in 3 years. It attracts investors who are targeting the local market.

New inventions

Most of the businessmen of the “new generation” continue to invest in scientific projects and developments. Experts say that this is one of the best ideas for investment in the global market in 2019.

In early 2018, researchers from Cambridge raised the first embryo of stem cells early this year. Such a discovery created a sensation in the scientific world. This experiment was conducted on mice, but scientists said that they are ready to conduct it on humans.

Modern science has hundreds of similar projects that require investment in the global market. Every successful experiment can be very profitable for any investor.

City of the future

Not so long ago, representatives of Sidewalk Labs said that they were going to develop software to optimize the work of the city. Some experts argue that the smart city is a great idea to invest in 2019. But at the same time, such a project will be key only in 10-12 years. Despite this, Bill Gates has invested almost $ 83 million in the project of such a city in Arizona. He claims that this city will be an ideal platform for the development of all new technologies / projects and high-speed communication networks. In addition, such a city of the future will give many ideas for business development as well as excellent profits. The development of the project “city of the future” will be very profitable and promising in the future.

We collected the best ideas for investment in the global market in 2019. Of course, some projects and investments will give a lot of money instantly, but most of them will take the lead in a few years. In general, we can say that all these projects will be profitable if you do everything right. But each investor needs to study the characteristics of each market and niche, since all countries leading in the global market are unstable. You should also pay attention to projects / technologies that will be relevant for the next 5-10 years.