The best Las Vegas hotels to play each of the top casino games

Who doesn’t want to experience the bright lights and late nights of the ‘Sin City’ at least once in their life? The towering hotels that run parallel on either side of the famous four mile strip are a site to behold – each are like their own little city on the inside, with restaurants, shops, pubs and clubs galore. You can see the Statue of Liberty in New York and Paris’ Eiffel Tower within just a 10 minute walk, whilst the amazing fountains at the Bellagio will simply blow you away. 

However, the main attraction of Vegas is, of course, the mega-casinos – which occupy most of the hotel’s ground floors. And if you find yourself unable to wait for that special trip to Vegas, then why not head to Megavegas and play out your casino fantasies from the comfort of your own home!

If you want to make the most of your time in the casino capital of the world, then read on as we give you an in-depth guide to the best hotel to play each of the top casino games! 

1. Best hotel for Slots – ARIA

The ARIA was built just 11 years ago, and boasts a prime location – sitting bang in the middle of the Vegas strip. Along with its two massive towers, the ARIA also hosts the strip’s largest casino – with 150,000 feet of gaming space. Slots take up a large portion of the casino floor, with more than 2,000 machines to choose from. Like most casinos in ‘Sin City’, the machines range from penny Slots to high-roller Slots. However, the ARIA is the only hotel in Vegas that offers a high-roller Slots room – which is named ‘SPIN.’ The machines in this room cost between $500 and $5,000 per spin! That’s not all, the ARIA also hosts Slots tournaments with a variety of buy-ins – so, if you’re in Vegas, be sure to take a spin down there! 

2. Best hotel for Roulette – The MGM Grand

The Spectacular MGM Grand, which is the second-biggest hotel in the United States, with nearly 7,000 rooms, is located on the south-end of the Vegas strip and is a must-see on your trip. However, it’s not just one of the city’s top hotels, it’s also the best for Roulette. Make your way past the iconic ‘Roaring Lion’ at the entrance and you’ll be met by 16 Roulette tables. The casino floor boasts 11 American double-zero tables with a minimum of $10 per spin, there are then three tables with just a $3 entry for the more recreational gamblers. And, if you fancy upping the ante, there are two French tables featuring the La Partage rule. To have a spin at these tables, you must wager at least $25. 

3. Best hotel for Blackjack – Treasure Island

The Treasure Island hotel sits on the north-end of the Vegas strip, and while it’s not one of the city’s most popular hotels, it’s definitely the top venue for playing Blackjack – in terms of house edge and price. In Treasure Island, you can play Blackjack with a house edge of just 0.19% – one of the lowest house edges you’ll find anywhere in the world – land-based or online – at three of their 28 tables. 

However, with these generous odds comes a minimum of $25 per hand. These tables payout 3 to 2 on Blackjack and use double-deck systems – making it easier for those of you who fancy your chances at counting cards! To make things even better, the dealer must stand on soft 17. If you don’t fancy playing $25 a hand, Treasure Island has 16 six-deck tables with a $5 max stake. So, what’s not to love? 

4. Best hotel for Poker – The Bellagio 

After stopping to see the amazing fountains of the Bellagio, it’s worth nipping inside the hotel – famously robbed by George Clooney and his Ocean’s Eleven mob – for a quick game of Poker. The five-star hotel, which has 36 Poker tables, attracts punters with all kinds of bankrolls. There’s always a low entry, no-limit Texas Hold’em game in action, whilst if you’ve got $20,000 to spare, you could always buy entry into a game in Bobby’s Room – which is named after professional Poker player Bobby Baldwin. 

Meanwhile, Caesars Palace has the best sports book if you’re looking to bet on a sporting event, whilst in Vegas. The 15,580-square-foot corner of the casino floor will make any sports-lovers mouth-water. The sports book boasts a 138-foot LED video wall – made-up of six 12-by-15 foot screens, 12 50-inch plasma screens and a 20-by-50 foot LED board, with in-game betting lines on all the games.