The Best Marijuana Pipes on the Market: Our Top 7

Are you shopping for a new weed pipe? With nationwide legalization around the corner, smoking is more popular than ever.

For you, that means literally thousands of designs to choose from. So, shopping for the perfect pipe can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you haven’t been smoking for long.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help! We’ve done all the homework for you already.

In this article, we’ll break down the best marijuana pipes on the market today, and help decide which one is best for you. Plus, we’ll hook you up with our top tips and tricks for shopping, so you can buy with confidence even if you’re a total noob. 

Keep reading to learn about our top 7 models, handpicked by a team of semi-professional pot smokers.  

The Best Marijuana Pipes

While you’re pipe shopping, don’t get distracted by looks alone. Choose a model that feels well made and durable.  You should also consider whether you’ll be using the pipe at home or for travel, for example, cannabis club in Barcelona, and choose a size that fits well in your hand.

1. The Classic Spoon

Whether you’re smoking for the first or thousandth time, this is one of the best marijuana pipes around. It’s a classic blown glass design that every stoner should own.

Spoons often come with a variety of colors worked into the glass, and sometimes feature cool design elements like glow in the dark pigments. But, don’t get overly distracted by aesthetics while you’re shopping. 

The best spoon for you will be made from thick, sturdy glass that can resist a little wear and tear. It should have no rough edges, especially around the bowl, carb, and mouthpiece.

Spoons are some of the most affordable options available, making them perfect for newbies and smokers who tend to break expensive glassware.

2. Sherlock Holmes

Sherlocks are some of the coolest weed pipes around, but they aren’t the best option for beginners.

This style is known for its smooth swooping stem that fits perfectly in your hand while you smoke. The sherlock’s unique shape makes it one of the smoothest hitting pipes and keeps ash from entering your mouth when you inhale.

But, it can present problems, too. 

The long and curved stem can create a small bottleneck for ash, resin, and weed. So, you’ll need to clean it fairly frequently. Cleaning a glass pipe can be time-consuming, and this model’s thin stem is prone to cracking if you aren’t careful.

3. Bubblers

Bubblers are similar to bongs in the sense that they use water to filter your pipe’s smoke before you inhale it. This makes them some of the best weed pipes for smokers with sensitive lungs, and anyone prone to coughing. 

If you normally use a bong at home, a bubbler is a great “travel-sized” option. And they look cool too! 

Unfortunately, bubblers are among the hardest to clean options. They often feature intricate and irregularly shaped stems, which may require specialized tools like pipe cleaners to scrub. 

If you’re new to smoking weed, you might struggle to use your bubbler at first, but be patient!

It’ll take you a while to get used to a deeper bowl, which is harder to light. And, you’ll have to hit this pipe slowly and steadily to avoid inhaling small amounts of water.

4. Straight Shooters

Steamrollers and chillums are some of the easiest pipes to smoke from. Plus, they are simple to load and clean, so they’re a top pick for total beginners. 

These straightforward models both have their roots in Asia, where people have smoked pot for thousands of years. That’s part of the reason for their super simple design.

No matter which model you choose, you can expect this type of pipe to use a solid one-piece construction, and resemble a tube. And, the primary difference between the two is that a chillum’s bowl takes up one entire end of the tube, whereas a steamroller will have a top-mounted bowl. 

Both chillums and steamrollers are available in a variety of materials, including hard to smash stuff like metal and bamboo. If you aren’t trustworthy with glassware, these unbreakable options might be your best bet. 

5. Gandalf

If you’re an experienced smoker looking for the best weed pipe, you’re probably ready to invest a little more. And, you might want to buy a cool showpiece to use in social settings. 

Gandalf pipes have been around for a while. But lately, they have been gaining in popularity thanks to their unique look and awesome smoker-friendly design.

This pipe’s elongated stem helps catch any ash that pulls through your bowl. It also gives the smoke time to cool down before entering your lungs, for a smoother inhale. And best of all, because of its oversized chamber, it’ll let you take bigger hits.

So, if you want to have an awesome smoking experience and look cool while you do it, a gandalf pipe might be the way to go! 

6. Travel Rigs

When it comes to portability, small metal pipes are the bomb!

They won’t break during travel and are super easy to clean before and after your trip. And, they are usually more affordable than glass, too.

Most travel pipes and one-hitters feature a pre-loadable bowl. This means that once you put your bud inside, it won’t pop back out. Some designs, like bullet pipes, also use a closed bowl, so they are easy to hit in the wind.

If you’d rather go for something glass, blunt pipes feature a preloading bowl and a small enough design for easy travel. This design allows you to push ash out as soon as you’ve smoked, so each hit tastes as fresh as the first!

Use caution when traveling with any kind of pipe or pot accessory. Be sure that you know the local laws and understand your rights before leaving home! 

7. Futuristic Design

Are you the smoker who already owns everything? If you’ve already got a pipe for every occasion, you might not know what to buy next.

Some of the coolest new designs on the market feature high-tech materials like titanium and ceramic, to reduce heat exchange. This keeps your pipe cooler for longer during extended smoke sessions.

Other updated models break into multiple pieces for easy concealment and travel. And, some super trendy pot pipes even use built-in butane lighters.

Beware of buying pipes with too many fragile and breakable parts and pieces. The best pipe to smoke weed out of should be both easy to use and cool to look at!

Now, Get Shopping!

Now that you’ve got all our insider info on the best marijuana pipes, you’re ready to start shopping. In fact, you probably already have a favorite model in mind.  If you are looking for pipes and bongs for recreational purposes, you can  shop here.

No matter what design you go with, there are a few final things to keep in mind.

The best pipe for weed should feel strong and stable, no matter what it’s made out of. And, any external pieces should be well made and built to last.

Avoid any pipe that feels flimsy or fragile. To put it simply, if it feels like poor quality, it probably is.

Want to learn more about smoking weed? Check out our other posts for tons of pro tips and articles on your favorite stoner subjects.