The Best Musical Instruments for Beginners

Learning to play a musical instrument is pleasing in a lot of ways. Aside from being a great hobby and an activity to pass the time, learning to play musical instruments is also a way for people, both kids, and adults, to express their creativity and learn discipline. And playing musical instruments is also a healthy way to manage stress, especially if you’ve been feeling tired of lots of work.

If you want to learn how to play a musical instrument, then you need to start somewhere, just like every musician does. However, it is sometimes not easy to figure out where to start, as there are so many different instruments out there to choose from. And if you do not know how to play even one instrument, how do you think you are supposed to choose?

Once you’ve selected a musical instrument that you want to learn, it is easy to find things that can help you learn it. For example, you can enroll in music classes or find an instructor that can teach you at home. You can also watch tutorial videos on YouTube and learn the instrument by yourself if you’re confident enough. And today, you can also find sites that offer to teach musical instruments online, just like what Musician Authority offers.

Therefore, to learn a musical instrument, you first need to decide which instrument to learn. If you are not sure of what to choose, then we’re here to help you. Today, we are going to give you the best musical instruments for beginners.


The guitar is one of the best choices for beginners. For younger kids, classical guitars are a perfect choice.  For younger kids, classical guitars are a perfect choice. -Finding the best acoustic guitar for you can be challenging because of the long list of guitars available in the market. However, seeking recommendations and buying guides on Instrument Insight and MusicCritic will help you pick the right guitar according to your preference and budget.

This instrument is great for beginners because the basic technique of the guitar is easy to learn. And once you master this musical instrument, you’ll be able to easily switch to other guitar style instruments, such as the bass and ukulele. Guitars also come in different sizes and styles to suit the player. They are also very affordable compared to other musical instruments.  You can also take guitar lessons in aurora.

Bass Guitar

person playing a bass guitar

Bass guitars for beginners are very affordable, and lessons are also cheap. There are also lots of online lessons for this musical instrument, making it one of the best to learn for beginners. But you need to remember that bass is not easier than a guitar. It’s because both of them require practice, and they can be as simple or as challenging as you want to make them. Just like the guitar, playing the bass guitar also requires a specialized set of skills. In fact, bassists are more rhythm oriented as they work with the drummer to create the backbone of the music.

Keyboard or Piano

person playing the piano

Another great musical instrument for beginners is the keyboard or piano. Though it may take some time to learn and to master, it is incredibly fulfilling to do so. And this musical instrument can offer you enjoyment for a lifetime. If you find traditional pianos to be large and expensive, you can opt for keyboards and digital pianos instead, that comes in a much lower price and smaller size. They also offer a wide range of sounds.

However, to learn the piano, you might need to take a few formal lessons. And to be good at it, you need to develop serious coordination. But when you learn to play the piano, you will get a strong background in music theory, which can be translatable to almost any other instrument. It’s because, with a piano, all the notes are right in a row, making it easy to see the theory behind musical concepts, such as scales and chords. And when you learn to play the piano first before learning a stringed instrument like the guitar, you’ll have a major advantage because you’ll be able to see the relationships between notes clearly.


person playing a flute

The flute is also a great instrument for beginners. It is also one of the most popular instruments, especially for school-age kids. It is a small and compact instrument that is easy to learn and is very affordable among the instruments in the orchestra. It is popularly used in orchestras and bands. That’s why when you learn it, you will be given lots of opportunities to play with others as you progress.


a woman playing the violin

The violin is also a popular choice of musical instrument for beginners. It is available in different sizes, from full sizes 4/4 to 1/16. For young learners, the latter is suitable, especially for kids as young as 3 years old. With a violin, beginners will be able to produce a good sound in little time. However, mastering the instrument fully may take more time, practice, and hard work. But it is worth it because the violin is one of the most in-demand musical instruments in orchestras and as well as in music ensembles. This means that when you become good at it, there are lots of choices of music groups that you can join in.


a saxophone on a music sheet

The saxophone is also a great musical instrument for beginners. It also comes in different types and sizes. But the most suitable for beginners is the alto saxophone. Many students find it easy to learn and pick up the fingering technique, making them produce good sound quickly. For young beginners, you can opt for plastic saxophones that are lightweight and smaller compared to the real saxophone. They can help kids learn to play the saxophone more comfortably.


a clarinet on a music sheet

The clarinet is a woodwind instrument that is also great for beginners. In fact, a lot of beginners find this musical instrument quite easy to learn. It is also a very popular instrument in orchestras and music ensembles, giving you lots of opportunities to play with a group when you learn it. And many people who know how to play the clarinet can also play other instruments like the saxophone.


a drum set

The drums are also great for beginners, and they are probably the most fun musical instrument to learn. Even though they are large and loud, they are a lot of fun to play. You will learn coordination when you play the drums. For smaller children, it’s best to choose a smaller kit where they can be comfortable as they learn to play.

These are some of the best musical instruments for beginners. Whichever musical instrument you choose to learn, the important thing is that you’ve decided to learn something and bring music into your life. We hope this list will be able to help you decide on which is the perfect musical instrument that you should learn.