The Best Places to See Sunset in Portugal


Are you planning a romantic getaway? Or maybe you simply wanted to see sunset views of those Pinterest and Instagram pictures with your own eyes? It is a good thing you chose Portugal, then. There are tons of beautiful corners to watch the day ending. However, seeking these unique places might be difficult, so let us help you with our list of the best places to see the sunset in Portugal!


Yes, Portugal’s capital city is more than stunning architecture, historical monuments, and entertainment services. There are plenty of remote and, at the same time, impressive spots, some of them out for everyone to see, and some – exceptionally well hidden. You can start by visiting Parque Eduardo VII, the largest park located in the city center. Apart from the pristinely tended gardens and urbanistic views, Parque Eduardo VII is a convenient spot to see how the sun sets on the city.

Also, consider going up to the Ribeira das Naus – a riverfront that poses as an urban beach, so you can catch the last rays of the sun while enjoying a picnic and such sights as a footbridge in the near distance.

Parque Eduardo after sunset

Parque Eduardo after sunset


Blessed with colorful neighborhoods and dramatic landscapes, Porto is yet another excellent place to watch the twilight. You can rest at the Terrace Lounge 360°, a space in the middle of the city with cushioned seats and tables, overlooking the whole panorama no matter which way you turn. As the day grows darker and colder, stay cozy and warm! If you are not warmed up by a blanket, then you definitely will be by the sights of the last sun.

Another great choice is Se de Porto, also known as the Porto Cathedral, which has many great spots and corners where you can hang out to see the sunset.

Lastly, climb up to the Clerigos Church Tower. With approximately 75 meters above Porto city, you will be able to see the vast landscape of the region and enjoy the sights of the slowly melting sun.

You can easily reach the city via train from Lisbon to Porto.


This island in the south of Portugal is famous for its warm weather, impressive flora and fauna, and dramatic landscapes. It is also a great place to find yourself spending the evening in, what with the dusk settling above the scenery and giving it a very romantic look.

The first destination you should consider visiting is Ponta da Ladeira, probably the most popular viewpoint for admiring the sunset. It is located at the coastline, so the sun will drop below the horizon, meeting the ocean, and most of the time, the sky is tinged in a multicolor canvas.

Then, we have the Ponta do Pargo lighthouse. This impressive architectural piece at the end of the road lures tourists in with its convenient location of 300 meters above the cliff, so the views are clear and simply incredible! You will see mountains and the blue water of the ocean, and the lighthouse silhouette stands out beautifully during sunset. We suggest spending the whole day in this region, as it offers many various activities and sites. You can hike right to the Ponta do Pargo lighthouse!

Ponta do Pargo lighthouse

Ponta do Pargo lighthouse

You can also head to Paul da Serra, where you will find the Rabacal viewpoint. The magically looking region is located far-away from the city and all the commotion. Instead, find yourself between the hills and famous Portuguese greenery, a place so calm and serene that it is a common thing to see a herd of cows peacefully roaming around. Can it get any more relaxing than this?


In the south of Portugal, Algarve is a region rich in culture and expansive landscapes. So whether you are looking for fun times or want to relax, you simply must locate the best places to see the sun setting low beneath the horizon. Here are some of them:

First up, Cabo de Sao! Being in the western part of Portugal, this cape allows you the clearest views of the sunset. There is nothing like the view of the sky painted in deep red, contrasting with the blue of the water. Climb up on to cliffs of the Cabo de Sao lighthouse for an even better view!

Cabo de Sao

Cabo de Sao

Then, consider traveling to Praia do Camilo, one of the most popular beaches in Algarve. The atmosphere is calm and warm, so do not hesitate to set up a picnic and wait for the sun to lower!

As you see, there are multiple variants for you to pick! Find the best and most comfortable locations and set an evening aside just to wait for the day to end. The sun is equally magical wherever you go!

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