The Best Printers You Can Buy For The Office


No matter if your office has gone paperless or not, the need for printers will still be the same. Whether you need to generate company policy documents or store important documents in hard form, printers are needed in your office. In addition, printers can also help you to advertise your business physically by printing brochures. Here You also know that Managing enterprise printing and ensuring printer uptime is always the most serious difficulty for IT managers. They’ll never know when they hear the startling news of printer down, toner empty, paper jam, out of paper, and so on. All these issues result in workplace delays and reduce employee productivity of the employee Leasing copy machine helps organizations improvise their print infrastructure without any capital investment.

Therefore, the best office printer is really game-changing. It can take your business success to new heights by giving your office a more professional look. 

Nowadays, the printer market is flooded with various printers that can meet your printing paper needs differently. If you have decided to get a suitable printer for your office, you must have proper knowledge about your office requirements. 

You can ask your employees or do quick research in your office before deciding. To help you out in this critical situation, we have brought a guide that lets you find the most appropriate printer for your office. 

What To Look For While Purchasing Office Printer

While buying a printer for your office, you must consider the following factors. Proper knowledge of printers before buying them will let you get the most tailored printer for your office. 

1. Laser Vs. Inkjet Printers

The first thing to look at while purchasing a printer is their technology, i.e., laser or inkjet. Laser printers are cheap, but they are suitable for text printing. Whereas the inkjet printers are expensive, but they provide you with good quality image results. 

If your office requires you to print more colored pages as compared to text pages, then an inkjet printer is best to go. Moreover, this inkjet printer works slower than laser printers, and they can’t print on heat sensitive papers. 

2. Printing Speed and Resolution

Printing speed is printed pages per minute. An average printer can give you 15 to 20 pages per minute. If your office requires you to print many pages, you can find a printer that can work more swiftly. 

Moreover, the printing speed can also affect your resolution. Printers that print faster don’t necessarily produce better quality prints. Therefore, always check the printing resolution while buying swift printers. 

3. Single or Multifunctional

Some printers come with a single function i.e., printing, while there are more advanced printers that can do multiple tasks simultaneously. These multifunctional printers can do your scanning and faxing as well while printing. Therefore, if your office also requires scanning and faxing tasks, then it’s best to go with multifunctional printers. 

4. Check The Running Cost 

Some printers may cost you low, but the overall cost of print per page may be higher. This higher cost is that these low-cost printers come with such cartridges that provide you with a low number of printed pages.

Therefore, you need to change the cartridges of these cheap printers more often than expensive printers. The expensive printers give you a high ratio of printed pages with a single cartridge, ultimately reducing your overall running cost. 

5. Duplex Printing

Duplex printing involves printers that can print on both sides of the paper. Though these printers are a bit costly, they can easily handle your assignment tasks involving pamphlet or booklet printing. 

If your office requires printing only text documents, then a simple printer is also efficient for running your office tasks. 

6. Printer Size

Printers are available in multiple shapes and sizes. You can get simple printers that can provide you with A4 size prints for the office. These printers can adjust print sizes automatically. But, if you need to print large banners and flyers, you can look for large printers.  

7. Connectivity

Look for printers that provide wireless connectivity for office printers as multiple employees use a single printer. So they can easily print their tasks by connecting their devices with a single printer while sitting far away from it. 

Moreover, you won’t need to get printers separately for every employee due to this wireless connectivity. 

8. Paper Handling Capacity

Printers come with varying paper handling capacities. Some printers can handle 50 pages, while others can handle 200 pages on their output trays. If your office task requires bulky printing assignments, it’s better to look for printers that can easily handle large numbers of papers. These large numbers of paper handling input and output trays will hold your documents firmly, and your printed pages will not end up falling on the floor anymore. 

Best Printing Brands

Multiple brands offer various kinds of printers. But, it’s better to select from reliable printers to make sure your printer lasts a long time. You may choose from the following reliable brands such as 

  • HP
  • OKI
  • DYMO


Printers can increase your office productivity by simultaneously handling multiple tasks, including generating invoices and printing advertising content. Therefore, you must invest in printers that cater to your office needs and give you the lowest cost for every printed page. Moreover, also maintain your printers by cleaning them from time to time to work for a longer duration.

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