The Best Resources for Your Aging Parents


If you have an aging parent, you might be wondering how you can help them maintain their health and independence while also balancing your own responsibilities. It is normal to worry about these things, and fortunately there is help available. Support services throughout the country are dedicated to assisting the aging population and their carers. Without assistance, it can be strenuous caring for an aging parent. But with the following resources, you can help your parent stay happy and healthy:

Senior Discounts

Your aging parent might be eligible for a discount on their power, telecommunication, and water bills. It can be worth taking advantage of these savings, especially if your elderly loved one has limited income.

Other companies offer discounts for seniors such as airlines, department stores, restaurants, cinemas, and leisure centers. The age range varies between services, with some offering a percentage off discount for those as young as 50.

Food Delivery Services

As we age, it can become difficult to shop and prepare healthy meals. If you are worried your aging parent isn’t eating nutritious food, there are resources available to assist. Meal delivery services may be free or at a reduced cost for the elderly, and are located across the country. For example, one of the most well-known is volunteer-run Meals on Wheels.

When selecting a food delivery service, you should do your research. Learn where the food is sourced, and how often meals are delivered. Your aging parent might have specific dietary requirements, and you should check whether the organization can accommodate before signing up.

Senior Community Centers

There are thousands of senior community centers in the U.S., and your aging parent may find this service beneficial. When they sign up at their local center, they will be able to participate in a range of activities and socialize with others. The offerings will vary depending on where they live, but some centers might offer health checks, home maintenance, and free meals. 

Activities could include movie days, swimming, cooking classes, book clubs, and dancing. These centers encourage physical activity that matches each senior’s capabilities. Senior community centers are a popular choice for retirees because they are a way to make friends in a caring, supportive environment.

Health Insurance Coverage

You can protect your aging parent by ensuring their health insurance is up to date. If they are over 65 and eligible for Social Security benefits, they will be able to enroll in Original Medicare. This is a great starting point, as it reduces the cost of some essential healthcare services and hospital visits. 

For those with more extensive healthcare needs, a Medicare Advantage plan combines the benefits of Original Medicare with a range of extras. This type of plan could include dental, prescription drugs, hearing aids, and glasses. 

Often seniors will already have a team of trusted healthcare professionals. A Medicare Advantage PPO will give them the option to continue seeing their trusted experts. analyzed 15 insurance companies and their 2020 Medicare Advantage plan offerings and provided a list of the six best Medicare Advantage plans. Check out the helpful resource so you can compare coverage and find the right Medicare Advantage plan for your aging parents.

Supporting Your Aging Parent

You can help your aging parent maintain their health and happiness by helping them to access a range of resources. Health insurance should be your first priority as it will give them the opportunity to seek treatment if they ever need it.

Senior community centers will give them a safe place to meet new people and participate in activities. Signing up to a meal delivery service will give you the peace of mind that they are getting nutritious meals every day!

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