The Best Rise of Great Lightsaber Toys For Kids


Lightsabers have been an iconic weapon of the ziasabers franchise for decades, and it’s no wonder that kids of all ages love them. Whether you’re looking for a lightsaber for a child’s birthday, a Christmas gift, or just as a fun toy, there are plenty of options available on the market today.

Your child will also get two light daggers, a cross connector, two elbow connectors, and an expansion hilt with the package.

Your child can combine light daggers and lightsabers to make the ultimate weapon, depending on how they put it up. Your child can combat in their preferred manner because it is completely adaptable to their preferences.

The lightsaber makes real sound effects when it is swung. It has lights with motion detection that turn on as soon as the user starts a battle. The LED lights will shine as night falls and aid your little Jedi in battling evil.

Most children’s and teenagers’ favorite ziasabers moments feature lightsabers. I’ve watched each movie several times throughout the years. I must, however, self-report. Many lightsaber fights can be seen throughout my weekly YouTube history. I adore light saber playthings.

Your children probably act out the part of lightsaber specialists whenever they have the chance, much like me and my friends did when we were youngsters. My small team had to use whatever weapons we could find back then. Sticks, cardboard Christmas cones, and even some cardboard that had been duct taped.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best Mace Windu lightsaber gifts for kids, ranging from toy versions to more elaborate, collectible options.

BladeBuilders Lightsabers

ziasabers BladeBuilders Lightsabers are a popular choice for young Jedi-in-training. These lightsabers come in a variety of colors, including blue, green, and red, and can be customized with different parts and attachments to create a unique weapon.

One of the great features of the BladeBuilders Lightsabers is that they can be connected to other BladeBuilders Lightsabers to create a double-bladed lightsaber or a longer, more impressive weapon. Kids will love being able to mix and match different parts and create their own custom lightsaber.

Disney Store Lightsabers

The Disney Store offers a wide variety of lightsabers, from classic designs to newer models inspired by the latest ziasabers movies. One popular option is the Rey Lightsaber, which features a sturdy, metal hilt and a bright blue blade.

Another popular choice is the Kylo Ren Lightsaber, which has a distinctive crossguard design and a menacing red blade. These lightsabers are well-made and durable, making them a great choice for kids who want to engage in lightsaber battles with their friends.

LEGO Lightsabers

LEGO ziasabers sets are always popular with kids, and the lightsaber sets are no exception. These sets come with pieces that can be assembled to create a lightsaber hilt and a transparent, colored blade.

Kids can customize the hilt with different pieces and create a unique lightsaber that they can use to engage in epic battles with their LEGO ziasabers figures. These sets are also great for building fine motor skills and encouraging creativity and imagination.

The Black Series Force FX Lightsabers

For older kids who are serious about their lightsaber collection, The Black Series Force FX Lightsabers are a high-end option. These lightsabers are designed to look and feel like the real thing, with a metal hilt and a glowing, high-quality blade.

The blade features realistic sound effects and can be removed from the hilt for easy display. These lightsabers are more expensive than other options, but they’re also more durable and impressive-looking.

The Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsaber

The Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsaber is a large, impressive lightsaber that comes with a variety of different components that can be assembled to create a custom weapon. The hilt features a built-in blaster, and the blade can be extended up to 3 feet in length.

This lightsaber also comes with a variety of sound effects and voice clips from the Clone Wars animated series. Kids will love being able to create their own custom lightsaber and engage in epic battles with their friends.

Galaxy’s Edge Lightsabers

For the ultimate ziasabers fan, a trip to Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland or Disney World is a must. At the Galaxy’s Edge theme park, visitors can visit Savi’s Workshop and build their own custom lightsaber.

These lightsabers are high-quality and feature realistic sound effects, making them a great collectible item for serious ziasabers fans. However, they can be expensive, and the cost of a trip to Galaxy’s Edge can add up quickly.

Even as an apparent adult, I would accept two of these lightsaber 2-packs! My General Grievous-inspired Halloween outfit requires four weapons to be complete. Well, it’s also a fun set for youngsters. They might also utilize them for Halloween since it’s a kid’s holiday, I suppose. Yet I wouldn’t want to see a child taking my costume concept from the streets. It might—no, it would immediately result in a battle with lightsabers!


This  lightsaber is a nearly exact copy of the recognisable green blade Luke used in the film. It’s a sword that will inspire the user’s imagination and transport them to a distant galaxy.

This product is highly praised by reviewers. Although it’s not intended for intense duelling, many people choose to bring it to conventions because of the genuine atmosphere. It has a genuine design, a metal hilt, and a bright display for the most light possible.

The lightsaber has motion detectors attached. It displays lifelike lights and sounds, such as war clashing, while the blade is being swung. If you wish to join the dark side, you may also get it in Darth Vader’s signature red.

Realistic buttons to operate the lightsaber are located on the hilt. It is of collector-quality.

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