The Best Rivers For Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing is one of the most rewarding and challenging of all river fishing and a popular sport for fishermen in the Pacific Northwest. No matter if you’re using a spinner or a jig salmon will present you with a unique and exciting challenge. However, like many things a good fishing trip is reliant on a good location. Not every body of water offers the specific environment that you need for salmon fishing. Here are some of the best salmon fishing locations in the Pacific Northwest.

The Five Best Rivers For Salmon Fishing in the Pacific Northwest

  1. The Rogue River: located in southern Oregon the Rogue River is a popular location for Salmon fishermen offering both Spring and Fall fishing seasons with each season offering its own unique challenges. Over 200 miles in length the Rogue River is one of the most consistent and reliable fishing locations in the Pacific Northwest.
  2. The Hoh River: one of the many rivers found on the Olympic Peninsula the Hoh River is roughly 30 miles in length and considered to be very fishable when compared to other Olympic Peninsula rivers.
  3. The Sol Duc: located in a lovely valley the Sol Duc River is a spring-fed bedrock river noted for its salmon, in particular, the Coho Salmon is found in abundance in the Sol Duc. The Sol Duc can be a challenge to navigate but for the patient fishermen, it offers a unique opportunity for salmon fishing.
  4. The Chehalis River System: a more remote and outdoorsy area The Chehalis River itself exceeds over 100 miles and is home to salmon and a rich assortment of other breeds of fish found in the region. In addition, the Chehalis connects to other salmon-rich locations such as Wynoochie River, Satsop River, and others.
  5. The Columbia River: the mighty Columbia River stretches 1,200 miles and drains not only a vast amount of water it also provides irrigation, drinking water, and home to different types of salmon during spawning season. With salmon in excess of 40 pounds caught in the Columbia River if you’re a fisherman, you owe it to yourself to visit this famous body of water.


As a fisherman, you should try to catch a salmon at least once as they are a truly unique species of fish. The above list is only five of the many serene locations the Pacific Northwest offers for local and visiting fishermen. With thousands of miles of rivers, lakes, and bodies of water the perfect fishing spot waits for you.