The Best Smartwatch for Fitness tracking with Touch Screen That Doesn’t need a Phone

Modern smartwatches (best smartwatch for fitness tracking) are becoming more sophisticated with the evolving technology. Initially, we had smartwatches that came with limited features and a touchscreen panel.

However, over the years we have seen how smartwatches have evolved into mini smartphones. In addition to having inbuilt apps, they offered the facility of downloading third-party applications, monitoring your health, and offering different sports modes for you to keep a track of your fitness.

Until recent times, for a smartwatch to function it did require a connexion with your smartphone. The watch is that we’re a little advance, and it operates on Wi-Fi as well in case the phone is not within the range of connectivity.

But it seems that it was never enough! People are demanding more from their smartwatches as they find them convenient, easy to wear, And fashionable.

Instead of wearing traditional watches, more and more people are inclined towards wearing these fashionistas’ smartwatches because of the ease and elegance that they offer.

Since their popularity is on the go, manufacturers are driving to come up with something unique and different in order for their products to stand out. So far, Kospet is among the few watch manufacturers that I’ve been able to stand out in the market.

The watches are unique not only in terms of design and features that they offer but also in the technology that they integrate.

There among the few starters, who now have smartwatches that act as a stand-alone units.

What is a stand-alone smartwatch?

For people who are not familiar with the stand-alone smartwatch here is what you need to know.

It is basically a smartwatch that fulfills every aspect of any regular smartwatch but it comes with the additional feature of having a SIM.

In layman’s terms, it means that you do not need a smartphone in order to use your smartwatch. All you have to do is insert a SIM directly into your smartwatch and enjoy the cellular network on it.

From taking calls to browsing the Internet, everything is possible with these stand-alone smartwatches.

If you’re looking for the best smartwatch for Fitness tracking that comes with a cellular network facility, You are in for a treat.

Below we’re going to talk about Kospet’s finest stand-alone smart watch OPTIMUS 2.

KOSPET OPTIMUS 2 SMARTWATCH-  Best Smartwatch for Fitness Tracking

This is one of the most amazing smartwatches that we have come across.

A powerful CPU

It is a smartwatch that comes with the latest and most sophisticated CPU. The empty 6762 be AR2822 CPU ensure smooth and seamless functionality of the watch. Calculate the Smartwatch Battery Charging Time

It is a powerful CPU that is designed for a powerful watch. It ensures that the watch never lags.

A battery to die for

Of course, when you’re investing in a high-end smartwatch, the battery is something that you would really want to be outstanding.

The OPTIMUS 2 would not disappoint you in this regard. It comes with a strong, powerful 1260MH polymer battery along with a 1000 ma H power bank.

The impressive battery offers 122 days of usage on light mode and about three to five days of use for just calls and SMS with a single charge.

A big display

Of course, it’s a great watch, it needs to come with a big display. The watch has 1.85 inches TFT display that has a screen resolution of 280 x 320.

The full-touch display allows quick and fast interaction between the wearer and the watch. It makes access to everything simple and easy.

Body materials

If you’re paying for a watch, you would want it to look classy and elegant. This amazing watch is something that would stand out on your wrist.

It has a full Ceramic bezel and plastic case that gives it a finished and fine look. No matter where you wear this amazing smartwatch, it is bound to attract attention.

The best smartwatch for Fitness tracking

Of course, it’s a fitness smartwatch therefore it needs to offer fitness features that would stand out. In addition to being waterproof, the watch offers 31 different sports modes including cycling, running, hiking, outdoor working, and several others.

 Language and app compatibility

Unlike smartwatches that are limited only to English or language, this unique and amazing smartwatch offers app and UI compatibility with a number of languages across the world.

For instance, you can use this watch in Arabic, Russian, German, French, and several other languages.

So, what are you waiting for invest in the best smartwatch for Fitness tracking and enjoy all the perks that it has to offer!