The Best Sports Streaming Services for 2021

For decades, watching a game translated to going to the pitch or sitting for hours in front of your
TV screen. However, that’s not always ideal, especially when the game hours coincide with your
work hours. Luckily, it’s not a must to have active cable subscriptions to watch live games or
your favorite TV shows. Here are the top video streaming services available for you to watch the
game before checking out the top movie streaming sites listed on Streaming

1. YouTube TV

With an excellent lineup of entertainment, sports, and news channels, Youtube is a popular video
streaming platform with millions of users. It has a simple interface, and top-notch DVR features,
paired with a solid performance that any user will appreciate. It’s among the best choices for
anyone who wants to replicate the experience of cable TV away from home.

2. Hulu Live

Hulu is a reliable streaming option for you to catch up on all the games you missed. This unique
feature makes it among the best options on the market, also giving you an excellent selection of
movies and Tv series. It’s also available through all media streaming devices including your
mobile phone, though the base plan includes adverts while watching on-demand shows.

3. Sony PlayStation Vue

Sony’s PlayStation Vue is a premium streaming site that offers respectable DVD features and
great sports content. Its web and mobile platforms are highly responsive to users, and you’re free
to set up profiles for every user. However, there are no parental control options or 4K content.

4. Fubo TV

With over 90 live channels, Fubo is an excellent choice for sports fans. It has a wide variety of
sports channels and on-demand entertainment content, making it a reliable streaming platform.
The interface is well-organized and its cable of DVR functionality though you want to watch the
recorded content from your phone while offline.

5. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Videos has no shortage of prestige content, including sports, TV series, and
entertaining movies. The user interface may seem like clutter, but you will love the 4K content
and offline capabilities that they offer. Nonetheless, it might be a challenge to discover the
content if you’re new to the streaming service.

6. ESPN+

Though it’s a relatively new streaming site for sports, ESPN+ delivers a wide variety of on-
demand content and live sports programs at a reasonable price. The service doesn’t aim to
replace your network’s TV channels, but it gives cord-cutting sports enthusiasts the ability to
watch their games from anywhere. It doesn’t offer big network games, but it’s loaded with
original sports coverage.

7. Sling TV

Sling TV is a superior cable TV replacement plan brought to you by Dish Network, a satellite
TV provider. As a result, Sling users can ride on Dish’s existing relationship with top TV
channels to access other sports channels like ESPN. There’s no binge-watching on this service,
but it’s a great way to access all the live content you’ve been missing while away from your
cable TV.