The best tips for buying a leather blazer for women

Leather jackets have always been a mainstay of outerwear. However, in our opinion, it wasn’t until the resurgence of the leather blazer women that their presence made such an influence. What began as an exploding fad has swiftly found its way into our everyday outfits with good cause.

Tailoring leather has been a constant focus for numerous designers, including Saint Laurent, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Celine. However, it is a style that has spread through Instagram, thanks to influencers and celebs like Kaia Gerber and Kendall Jenner, who have been fans of the ‘nineties revival.

After all, there’s no avoiding the resurgence of the ’90s style, with most of the decade’s most popular trends — slip dresses, sneakers, and straight-leg jeans, to mention a few — becoming new fashion standards. And, like all these outfits, the leather blazer women have shown to be adaptable, useful, and effortlessly elegant enough to last.

So, what makes it stand out? For starters, its clean-cut, fitted design can elevate any ensemble. However, unlike other blazers, leather versions have the proper amount of ‘droop’ and wear, giving it a more casual vibe.

On a more practical note, leather blazers are normally a thick and strong piece of outerwear that keeps you warm without becoming ‘clunky,’ making it an ideal hurl when struggling to get dolled up for bitterly cold nights.

Styling one of them is simple since, like with your other jackets and coats, the basic guideline is that everything goes. If you’re stuck for inspiration, take a look at the leather blazer styles for women below that nail the trend.

Change Your Blazer With A Brown Leather Style

Change Your Blazer With A Brown Leather Style

The simplest approach to wearing a leather blazer is to replace it with your regular blazer, whether it’s an enormous checkered version or a pristine black jacket. While black leather is the most common, brown leather is more wearable and frequently seems more informal, making it a better fit for jeans, white shirts, and other weekend classics. Add a pair of sharp-pointed shoes and replace the T-shirt with a silky blouse for a classy version of the same outfit.

Keep It Simple With White Or Black Pieces

If you like the appearance of black leather, begin by matching it with white or black wardrobe basics. Lug-sole boots, leggings, sweaters, or basic T-shirts are all appropriate. Do you crave some color? Add little pops like a crossbody purse, headband, or striking earrings to keep everything classicly chic.

Choose A Classier White And-Black Combo

This neutrals-only approach may also be used for events where tights aren’t appropriate. Wear structured wide-leg jeans in a non-distressed whitewash with a sleek, slim-fitting black turtleneck to dress things up. For a touch of glitz, combine pointy-toe boots or heels with a gold chain necklace or string of pearls.

Try Softer Colours With Floral prints

You are not limited to natural hues such as black or brown. You might also go with a vibrant spring colour like lavender or pistachio green. Layer these lighter colours over flowery midi skirts and boots. Because leather, even fake leather, is significantly warmer than cotton, linen, or denim, it may serve as a much more robust jacket on such early spring days that are all too frequently cooler than we’d like.

Combine Denim And Leather Attires

The tough material is a basic match for leather when it comes to denim, but certain pairings seem more elegant than others. A black leather blazer worn over a denim dress and a midi skirt is more fashionable than a moto jacket and faded jeans. While we could add additional colorful heels and jewelry to brighten the appearance, matching black accentuates the city’s feelings.

Wear Casual Silhouettes And Knits

One of our favorite weekend outfits for 2022 is loose trousers or jeans with a quirky sweater, and all you need to dress it up sufficiently for drinks or dinner with colleagues is one fitted classic. A leather blazer elevates even the most casual styles, so you won’t feel like an outsider no matter where your Best friend decides to dine.

Enhance A Formal Pleated Skirt

Leather, on the other hand, with its rock-and-roll/western overtones, may help make preppy staples feel a little rougher and less prim. We love how the creamy beige leather complements the colours of the pleated skirt, snakeskin purse, and slouchy boots in the outfit above. If your clothing is largely white, go for a lighter jacket, and if it’s mostly black or navy, go for a darker colour.

Add some shape to your blazer by belting it

Tight jeans, tall riding boots, a sleek turtleneck, and a fitting jacket may help lengthen your body and make you seem taller. However, there is a lot of straight-up sameness from top to bottom. Wear a belt around your waist to define and structure your physique.

To Level Bold Colours And patterns, Try Black Leather

To Level Bold Colours And patterns, Try Black Leather

Unexpected colour combinations like ruby red and lavender are eye-catching, but add a black leather jacket if you want to tone down the “look at me” factor. Both the neutral colour and the strong material will assist in anchoring more daring items.

For More Comfort, Wear A Warm and comfortable Crew Neck Underneath

Winter isn’t nearly finished, but you’re tired of wearing your puffy coat. Because both genuine and fake kinds of leather are quite warm, a leather jacket may truly keep you warm on your commute to work when worn over a bulky sweater. Unleash the power of layering by wearing a blouse or a fresh T-shirt below your turtleneck, allowing you to keep the blazer on while removing your sweater at your desk without sweating.


We were unsure how to dress in a women’s leather blazer, one of the most popular leather styles. Unsurprisingly, their success stems largely from the fact that they are so simple to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. That, plus the fact that there are so many various colours and types of leather blazers, there’s certain to be one that makes you feel like a badass version of yourself.