The Best Way to Custom Your Suzuki Dirt Bike


Most Suzuki dirt bike owners probably spend a reasonable amount of time on the road having fun. And every time they’re there, they want their ride to stand out. One of the ways to do that is by customizing the bikes. The good news is that there are many ways to do that. Whether you’re looking to customize it for style, function, or performance, the possibilities are endless. Take a look at some ways to customize a Suzuki dirt bike.

Use Graphics Kit

A graphics kit is the easiest way to give a dirt bike a new look. Do you want to customize your Suzuki? Install a graphics kit. They are great and fun, and most importantly, they’re easy to install. One of the benefits of these kits is bike owners get something that’s about their style or personality. A Suzuki bike may come out of the dealership shop resembling thousands of others. But once users install the graphics kit, they get something unique that will make their ride stand out.

Install an Exhaust System

Installing an exhaust system comes with two advantages. The first is that it will boost the bike’s performance, and second, it enhances its appearance. Most riders purchase exhaust systems because of aesthetics. There’s just something about a combination of a muffler and header that any dirt bike owner will appreciate. Aside from aesthetics, they boost performance by reducing weight and giving the riders a better riding experience. Who wouldn’t want that?

Custom Lighting

Adding custom lights is also a great way to elevate a dirt bike’s looks while promoting safety on the road. For instance, strip lights improve visibility, allowing others to see the bike on the road. On the other hand, pencil beam lights allow bikers to see greater distances, especially if they’re traveling on a poorly lit road.

Install Some New Plastics

Another way to customize a Suzuki dirt bike is by installing plastics. Just like graphics, motorcyclists have endless options to choose from. Plastic kits are easily accessible, and it’s not a must to get one color. Some brands allow buyers to try different color combinations. This becomes easier for people who like embracing bold choices.

Consider Under Glow Lighting

Add flair and a personal touch to a dirt bike by installing under-glow lighting. Because there are multiple colors to choose from, riders can get whatever goes with their likes or preference. There are glow lights that double as brake lights while others respond to music. It depends on how extra one wants to be with their dirt bike.

Add Engravings

While there are many benefits of dirt bike riding, it’s better to enjoy them on a spruced-up bike. Adding engravings to your ride, such as favorite sayings, quotes, and names, give it a better look by adding more style to it. Bikers can also engrave a pattern, design, or image that resonates with their passion for sports, music, movies, or nature.

Install Wider Tires

Installing wide front tires will make a bike more responsive around corners, and wider back tires will push the bike forward when turning. This provides a better riding experience and also enhances the bike’s looks.

These are some of the ways people can customize their Suzuki dirt bikes. Bikers don’t need to get everything at once. They can pick options that give their bikes the best look and complement their style.


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