The Best Ways to Enjoy the Istanbul Ultimate Guide (In 2020-2021)

Coveted by empires across the centuries between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is one of the best metropolitan areas. Istanbul is a major city in turkey. It’s famous for the rich history and culture, stunning scenery, magnificent structures, and a plethora of aspects.

The best part?

If you have ever worried about enjoying the Istanbul best way, here’s everything you need to know. This article explains the best thing to do in Istanbul with an ultimate guide.

Best ways to enjoy Istanbul

There are so many things to do in Istanbul, but if you want to get a good and admirable experience, you should focus on traditional food, culture and the best place where you can make good shelfie.

Eat a Kumpir in Ortakoy

The kumbir is a turkish dish that is loaded with mashed potatoes and many dreamy things. It is simple but the taste is amazing. Inside of the Kumbir includes many things that make it super taste, but before the seller makes the kumbir, they will ask you what you want to include inside.   You can choose you like such as olives, sausages, salad, ketchup, mayonnaise, sweet corn, etc.

Where can I get this amazing dish? You can get the kumbir dish in ortakoy. There you will get a good quality restaurant. When you walk along the road you will hear the sound of Inviting Kumbir from the restaurant. The seller calls this because of your benefit so that you can easily understand here you can get kumbir.

Test Your Haggling Skills

Do you want to experience your hagging skills? Grand Bazar is a best place where you can test your hagging skills and conversion with local sellers in a fun way. Pretty Cool, Right?

What can I get in the hagging Bazar? You will get here the most interesting spices, Magical Light, lamps, Turkish happiness as well as many Blaze things.

Cross the Galata Bridge on Foot

This bridge can be quite romantic. You walk across the Golden Horn with the smell of frying mackerel wafting up from the lower deck as seagull’s wheel and scream in the sky overhead. The views of the Galata Tower and the domed mosques on the hills of Istanbul are also rather lovely. Also, you can click some romantic images to post on Instagram. I love it.

Best Hotels located inside Istanbul Airport

After completing the journey it can be important if your flight is delayed. So, if you don’t know where you can get the best hotel, please don’t worry and check the ISTANBUL AIRPORT HOTEL website to find an amazing hotel located in Istanbul Airport.