The Best Websites for Renting an Apartment in Chicago

Even though renting apartments in Chicago is not as cut-throat as LA or New Work, it is still pretty hard! The process is a lot harder when you are new in the city. As a result, the best way of renting apartments is by using a trusted website that provides you all the essential understanding and options of apartments. The site should be transparent, reliable, and informative.

Here, we have done the hard work for you and have found the best websites that will assist you in renting an apartment in Chicago. Let’s have a look!

1. differs from other typical renting sites as it can provide you many different options according to your needs. You can input your preference, and this site is able to provide options according to it.

Moreover, touring buildings is easier as they provide personal touring agents and make sure that you have a good experience when visiting apartments. So, when it comes to Chicago apartment renting, is our top pick!

2. domu

You can find varying buildings on, from pet-friendly apartments to lofts and studios. Many landlords in Chicago prefer this site, and you may find unique options that are not present elsewhere.

The rental guides available on will help you pick an apartment if you are unsure which one to go for. Also, it has a rent calculator that helps you determine how much you should spend for an apartment! Allover, it is an excellent site and, thereby, our second top pick!

3. hotpads

With a map-based system, you can pick your desired location for an apartment using The site also has a mobile app that is an extra advantage in your journey of apartment hunting. The landlords that list apartments there are verified and rated. As a result, you do not have to worry about bad landlords.

Also, you can look for roommates or sublets. If you desire to find an apartment in a certain area or under a specific budget, the push notification system of the app will let you know whenever such apartments are available. Considering all factors, it is definitely a site that you can consider using when looking for apartments.

4. zumper

With the simple UI of the website and a lot of listing, could be your go-to destination if you are looking for an apartment fast and have a good budget. The app and site have necessary filters that will help you find desired apartments according to your preferred location, type, budget, etc.

Without any charge, you can also take assistance from employees, who are more than happy to provide you essential information and even walkthrough. The simplicity and good features make it a preferable site to find apartments.

5. chicagoapartmentfinders

A site that is specifically made for Chicago apartment hunting is definitely a good choice if you want unique listings. With filters to help you find the right apartments, there are all the essential features you need. Chicago Apartment Finders also helps you with paperwork when you buy an apartment. With both site’s help and manual assistance from the employees, chicagoapartmentfinders could be an excellent choice for finding apartments in Chicago.


A lot of sites are available for apartment hunting, but the website listed above is clearly the best when it comes to great apartments, high-quality service, excellent UI, and other important factors. So, it is the best idea to choose any of the sites above for the best apartments.