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On the gaming front,  has been rather impressive so far. The year has seen the release of some of the most eagerly awaited titles, as well as others that have effectively broken new ground and re-defined what a game should and shouldn’t do or be. The console wars also show no sign of letting up, with Sony’s PS4 and its variants shifting more consoles than Microsoft’s XBox One could manage and so earning Sony lots of bragging rights.

2018 can additionally be regarded as the year that mobile gaming went fully mainstream. At present, game developers everywhere are frantically rushing to make ports of their most popular games for the mobile market, while others are crafting new ones that are better by far than what came before.

So, with the glut of games across all platforms, which have been the biggest, best and most influential? This is by no means easy to determine. Still, here’s a short list that most would agree contains the biggest releases so far of this remarkable year.

Biggest Game Releases of the year



Player Unknown Battle Ground was actually released late last year for PC. Soon after it was ported to mobile and consoles and the rest as they say in the pub was history! It pits around a hundred players in a sandbox environment where they have to kill each other with a bewildering array of weapons in order to emerge the last man standing and win a chicken dinner. Players can form teams, be assigned to one or play solo. They can also train and hone their skills and drive all manner of vehicles. All these and more combine to make PUBG the most played and popular game, at least until recently when Fortnite began stealing its thunder. And the players!

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games went above and beyond the call of duty when designing the masterpiece that is Red Dead Redemption 2. Immensely improved over its predecessor, it has boatloads of fun and action, shiploads of humans and animals that can be interacted with and a massive open environment waiting to be explored. This is the game that is currently on the lips of most gamers on the planet and for good reason.

Vikings Slot

This is actually a slot rather than a video game, but fully deserves to be placed in such an exalted list. For starters, it is made by one of the biggest slot developers- NetEnt and has graphics that are easily good enough to go toe-to-toe with all the games listed above. The graphics are not the only area this excels in, as it also has from 5 to 7 reels, as well as ways to win that stretches from the default 243 to an incredible 78,125! There is a trio of inventive bonuses in place, one of which has a payout of 10,000x the stake. Overall, this is an exceedingly well-made slot!  we saw the rise of some other slots and they going popular way above it was expected. Some of them were games like Fluffy Favourites, King Kong Cash and Beehive Bedlam.

God Of War

This is an all-new God Of War game that is by turns immensely brutal, emotional, relatable and crammed to the last glorious pixel with enough action. Critically acclaimed, this God Of War puts Kratos in the role of a grizzled father teaching his son the ways of the wicked world and has the action slowed down a bit to get it fully infused in the players! God Of War  rocks to the last bit!

Reel Talent Slot

This is yet another slot with great graphics and was recently released by Just For The Win. The theme revolves around a talent show where animals rather than humans are the contestants. Wacky, colourful and fun it assuredly is! And the joy to be gained playing it on mobile is totally indescribable!

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