The Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History

From the days when horse races were just for the rich to today’s internet bookmakers, sports betting has evolved so much. The First internet betting services appeared in the late 1990s. What’s sports betting’s future? Why not? Sports betting is a profitable pastime. Everyone who appreciates sports may wager on sports.

So, are you feeling like a high roller? Of course, you need to choose your betting app first: for that, you can get more info of MyStake here. Or do you simply just want to fantasize on how much money you can potentially win on the best of best of paydays? Some of the world’s biggest and most bizarre sports bets won. Check out Mostbet IN and see who made the best sports bets and how much they earned.

Mick Gibbs: £500,000 win on £0.30 bet

Mick Gibbs, a roofer, has twice made our list of biggest betting wins. Two years after his first big win, Gibbs bet 30 pence on a 1,666,666/1 15-leg accumulator. Gibbs correctly predicted the first 14 games, and the final Champions League match between Bayern Munich and Valencia went to penalties, earning him huge money.

Darren Yates’ Magnificent Seven won £550,000 on a £62 bet.

Darren Yates’ 1996 bet propelled him to horse racing fame. Yates bet £62 on jockey Frankie Dettori winning all seven of his rides at Ascot.

Anonymous bettor: £585,000 for £0.80

In November 2011, an unnamed Maltese punter staked 80 pence on a 19-match accumulator with William Hill. All predictions were correct, and Liverpool scored the game-winning goal in the last minutes to upset Chelsea, giving this bettor one of the greatest bettings wins in history.

Charles Barkley won $800,000 betting $500,000

Charles Barkley is well-known in sports betting. His biggest success occurred in 2002 when he bet on the Patriots, a 14-point underdog versus the Rams, to win the Super Bowl. Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl win earned Barkley $800,000 (£608,000).

James Adducci wagered $85,000 and won $1.2 million

James Adducci’s bet on Tiger Woods was risky yet successful. Woods’ 2019 Masters triumph was his first major championship win in 11 years. Betting $85,000 on a golfer who hadn’t won in that time sounds risky. Adducci knew precisely what he was doing, as his gutsy move paid off, taking home $1.2 million (approximately £760,000) and surpassing William Hill’s record for the highest individual payoff on futures bet.

A £0.80 bet wins £585,000

In November 2011, an unknown Maltese punter bet 80 pence on a 19-match accumulator. This bettor won big when Liverpool scored in the last minutes to stun Chelsea.

Mike Futter bet $800,000 on himself

This triumph elevated Mike Futter’s fame tenfold. Futter backed Monty’s Pass in 2003. Fetter won £348,000 for owning Monty’s Pass and nearly £400,000 for betting on him.

Fred Craggs won £1 million betting £0.50

Fred Craggs, a 60-year-old Yorkshire fertilizer salesman, placed a wager that changed his life and made sports betting history. Craggs won £7,500 with a 50-pence eight-fold accumulator. Craggs didn’t realize he’d won until he placed another wager. If he’d bet no limit, he’d have won £1.4 million.

Vegas Dave’s $140,000 bet won $2.5 million

Dave Oancea’s record-setting 2015? Oancea’s second successful bet was on the 2015 World Series champion Kansas City Royals. 15 casinos refused his $140,000 bet. The risk paid off when the Royals beat the Mets. Oancea made $2.5M (£1.9M).

Billy Walters won $3.5M

Billy Walters beat the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV in 2010. Before sports betting, Walters played poker. His record-setting run shows that sports betting takes skill and luck. Underdog New Orleans Saints cost Walter $3.5 million (£2.7 million). Super Bowl win over the Colts, 31-17. One of the biggest sports betting victories ever.