The Brief Music Career of Deane Hawley

Introduction to Deane Hawley

Deane Hawley (born William Deane Hawley on December 18, 1937 – died 2002) was an American pop singer originating from Staten Island in New York. A one-hit wonder, he is now chiefly remembered for his song “Look for a Star” that climbed the Top 40 chart in mid-1960. He died on Christmas day in 2002, after suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Who was Deane Hawley

Best remembered for his one and only major hit “Look For a Star” in during the early 60s music era, Deane Hawley was born William Deane Hawley on December 18, 1937 in Staten Island, New York. At the age of 3, he and his family relocated to California where he grew up and developed his interest and aptitude in music. He attended the University of Southern California.

In 1958, Hawley had his first recording for Valor imprint, heading the group called Dean Hawley and The Crystals. He started recording as a solo artist for Dore Records the following, issuing his debut single “New Fad” which failed to gain commercial success.

Later that year, it was followed by “Good Morning Mr. Sun” (1959) and “Where Is My Angel” (1960) that had same fate of his debut. However in the mid 1960, things started to click for Hawley when he released his cover of British artist Gary Mills’ “Look for a Star.” The song ranked at #29 on the Billboard Hot 100 later that year. Even though he was busy recording, he managed to obtain a Masters in Human Behavior at USC at the same time. In 1961, Hawley had another Billboard entry with the single “Pocketful of Rainbow” which charted unnoticeably at #93.

Hawley passed away due to pancreatic cancer on a Christmas morning in 2002.

Deane Hawley’s discography (may be impartial)

Valor Records

(Nov 1958)

Dean Hawley And The Crystals

  • A: The Mummy’s Bracelet
  • B: Don’t Keep Me Guessin’

Dore Records

(Jul 1959)

Deane Hawley

  • A: New Fad
  • B: Pretty Little Mary

(Dec 1959)

Deane Hawley

  • A: Good Morning Mr. Sun
  • B: Bossman

(Feb 1960)

Deane Hawley

  • A: Where Is My Angel
  • B: I’ll Never Be A Fool Again

(Jun 1960)

Deane Hawley

  • A: Like A Fool
  • B: Stay At Home Blues

(Dec 1960)

Deane Hawley

  • A: Rainbow
  • B: Hey There

Liberty Records

(Sep 1961)

Deane Hawley

  • A: Pocketful Of Rainbows
  • B: That Dream Could Never Be

(Apr 1962)

Deane Hawley

  • A: Queen Of The Angels
  • B: You Conquered Me

Warner Bros. Records

(Nov 1964)

Deane Hawley

  • A: I Know She’ll Be There
  • B: You’ll Never Have To Cry Again

Sundown Records

(May 1969)

Deane Hawley

  • A: Love Of The Common People
  • B: I Hate To See Me Go

(Jul 1969)

Deane Hawley

  • A: That’s The Name Of The Game
  • B: Canterbury Train