The Common Concern and Confusion of Most Pet Parents: My Doggo Ate Corn!


The feeling of helplessness when you don’t know whether what your pet ate is good or bad is relatable. As a parent, you always worry about your child’s well-being. And since you treat your little furry as your kid, you constantly worry about its health. You want to ensure that the canine eats only the right thing and is safe. Still, certain things get stuck in your mind and bother you. For example, you gave your pet a few loose pieces of corn or pet food containing corn. While your dog is doing well, you are concerned about him because someone told you it’s unsafe.

You must be carrying a doubt about feeding corn to your pet in your mind even today while it is hale and hearty. How do you solve this dilemma? You can approach this issue with clarity if you know the good and bad sides of corn for dogs. So, let’s explore this matter.

The confusion around corn and dogs

Can dogs have corn? For this, knowing about its health benefits for dogs can help. The carb-rich corn contains high nutritional value with 4% fat, 9% protein, and 2% dietary fiber. All these cumulatively allow your dog to remain energetic and active the entire day. These macronutrients also help pets with body weight management. Some more reasons to give corn to your pet friend can be the vitamin levels. The content of vitamin A offers vision health, B1 manages metabolism, B2 aids growth, and B3 looks after its skin. Corn also has B5, B9, and vitamins C and E, each with unique health properties. If you give a balanced diet of corn, your pet’s bones and teeth will become stronger because of calcium intake. Corns also contain iron and magnesium that ensure blood circulation and muscle health.

The way to feed corn to your pet

To unleash your creativity in providing a nutritious treat for your beloved pet, consider incorporating corn kernels into their diet. Opt for one cup of cooked corn, totaling 135 calories, to deliver essential nutrients while managing calorie intake. Alternatively, explore specialized pet foods featuring corn as an ingredient for added convenience. However, it’s essential to treat corn as occasional snacks rather than a complete meal to maintain a well-balanced diet.If your dog can eat corn, you must moderate this ingredient to avoid overfeeding. The pup can become obese. So, track the calories and proteins a bowl of corn contains. Also, this fiber-rich ingredient can be challenging to digest for them. For safety, you can start giving small portions of it. Let your cute puppy adjust and adapt to this.

Adult dogs about 25 pounds or less can enjoy 1/4 cup of corn daily. Larger ones can have ½ cup based on their activities and size. If your puppy is less than 12 weeks of age, only a few tablespoons will be more than enough.

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