The Complete Guide to Purchasing New Appliances: 7 Quick Tips


It’s finally time to give your home appliances a facelift. Maybe your tried-and-true oven recently gave out, or an old fridge is costing you a fortune in energy consumption. Whatever the catalyst, purchasing a new appliance is a weighty decision that can make or break your living spaces.

Without the proper research and preparation, you might rush into making a foolish purchase that you’ll regret years down the line. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to make a smart home investment that fits your lifestyle.

In the market for a new appliance? Consider these seven quick tips for finding the perfect match.

Dig into reviews

An appliance might appear flawless on paper yet present countless functional failures once installed in the home. Avoid disappointment (and faulty freezers) by reading several customer reviews. Reliable companies like Home Depot, Cuisinart, and Goedeker’s have hundreds of reviews on specific appliance product models, especially those appliances that have remained on the market for quite some time. Once you’ve reviewed a few of your top-choice fridges, you’ll get a sense of reliability, functionality, and price. That way, you can responsibly purchase the double-door stainless steel fridge or the top-of-the-line LG dishwasher you’ve been eyeing.

Sort by energy efficiency

When shopping for appliances that consume considerable energy, like dishwashers and refrigerators, refine your search to Energy Star qualified models. Eco-friendly appliances save you big bucks on your annual utility bill and are kinder to the environment. Other appliances with Energy Star certifications include water heaters, air purifiers, and freezers.

Take measurements

It’s always the worst feeling when you pull on the trigger on a purchase, only to discover the appliance won’t fit in your home’s desired room. Take detailed notes on width, height, and depth and compare them to dimensions in your home. Don’t forget to measure the pathway leading to the space, especially doorframes and ceiling height. When in doubt, bring a detailed list into the showroom and discuss logistics with a sales associate.

Refine your needs

Avoid impulse purchases by determining your exact needs in an appliance. Although a double-door fridge looks gorgeous in a showroom, a single person living alone in a studio apartment does not need that much space. Similarly, a massive washer/dryer duo is ideal for a large family but a waste of energy for a homeowner who doesn’t do large loads. Evaluate your lifestyle and search for appliances that fit your needs.

Prioritize online over in-store retailers

Shopping for appliances online allows you more time to research things like reliability and efficiency. Many retailers also offer lower prices online and accept coupon codes for an even more significant discount. Furthermore, shopping online will allow you to access countless model options that otherwise wouldn’t fit in a showroom.

Always get free delivery.

Most retailers offer free delivery for purchases over $399 from local stores or ship to a local store for free pick-up. Always take advantage of this perk to avoid the difficulty of moving hefty appliances yourself. Free shipping also saves you a few bucks on gas.

Safely dispose of old appliances

Too many old or broken appliances end up in landfills. Be a responsible homeowner and seek out recycling programs or scrap metal yards that pay for parts. Some retailers even offer free recycle services when you make a new appliance purchase. If your old appliance is still functional, consider dusting it off and selling it on Craigslist. Putting a few extra dollars in the bank never hurts.

Final thoughts

Upgrading household appliances is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Prevent buyer’s remorse by researching product models and trusting reviews. Make an appliance wishlist and stick to it, and always apply for free shipping. Check out Abunda for buy now pay later, high-quality refrigerators. Your next appliance is out there, now get shopping.


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