The comprehensive guide to surprising Facts about Bakery Products


The world of the bakery is a vast and interesting place. It is full of delicious treats, creative combinations, and quirky facts that will have you craving something sweet. So whether you are looking for the perfect cupcake recipe or need to know how long to bake your cookies, this blog has it all. Check out these few surprising facts about bakery products.

1. The first-ever bakery product was bread

It seems that the world of the bakery is built upon this very staple. There are many ways to bake bread, but it all depends on what type you’re looking for and who your audience will be.

For example, if you want a soft dinner roll, several yeast options yield amazing results every time. A food distributor is a great way to start with when you are trying to find the right bakery products for your needs.

2. Doughnuts have been around for a very long time

The tradition of doughnut-making dates back to medieval times in Europe! However, they weren’t always glazed and sugary sweet — many were fried in oil with spices sprinkled on top as a savory treat.

It wasn’t until much later that jam was added inside the baked product, and it became more popular among children who enjoyed this new creation.

3. The cupcake craze all began with a cake mix

Various companies invented the first-ever boxed cake mix in the early 1900s, but it wasn’t until much later that something clicked, and consumers started buying them. The first one to market this product on television was Pillsbury, who created an adorable little girl, CupCake Baker, who mixed up some batter for her dad’s birthday party.

This commercial is often considered the beginning of the “celebrity chef” era as many people wanted to emulate what they saw their favorite actors using — including baking products.

4. The first bakery product to be patented was the donut

This invention is credited to Hanson Gregory, who came up with this idea in 1847 after he saw ship captains cutting their fingers on rigging lines and decided that something needed to change!

So he began placing holes into doughnuts, thus creating what we now know as one of America’s favorite snacks.

5. When it comes to bakeries, bigger isn’t always better

For years and years, people have been opening up storefronts to sell their baked goods, but this doesn’t always mean success.

Many large companies began by selling products from a small kiosk in the early 1980s — before eventually expanding into something much larger than anyone could imagine. But, it didn’t stop there either; they now offer soups, salads, pastries & breadsticks that are delightful.

6. The history of bread dates back to before the Egyptian Pyramids were built

Amazingly, something so simple could have such an impact on society. When you think about it, bread is one of our biggest staples and has been for thousands upon thousands of years.

The Egyptians are known for being some of the first bakers around. Still, they weren’t alone in their quest to perfect this product — others soon followed suit with similar recipes.

7. The average American consumes around 45 pounds of flour per year

Now that’s a lot. This is the equivalent of roughly 20 large loaves of bread or over 100 crescent rolls. It just shows you how much our diets consist of these products no matter what period we’re in, which seems completely understandable considering they are delicious and very versatile.


The bakery world has come a long way since its humble beginnings and continues to be popular throughout the centuries. While some products have changed, others remain virtually unchanged no matter what happens in society or culture, there is always something for everyone.



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