The Cost of Asphalt Driveway vs Concrete


If you are repairing some parts of your home or building a new house, you must use the perfect material for the driveway. There are two types of materials available in the market, concrete and asphalt. You may ask which one is the best product that will give you a nice-looking driveway and a cost-effective solution.

Although both these materials are almost similar, they have some differences. First, concrete and asphalt are both gravel-based products; sand and stones consist of two materials. The difference is in the materials’ adhesive item: concrete is made of cement, and asphalt consists of petroleum-based adhesive.

Let’s learn more about the cost and other differences between concrete and asphalt driveways.

About concrete driveway

Other than saving your money and renewing your old drive path, you will get other significant benefits from a concrete driveway provided to you by paving companies. It will save you time, and the surface is resilient to tear and wear. You will get a smooth and beautiful surface around your home. The material of concrete is simple as it’s made of a thin cement base and mixed with bonding materials. When it’s poured over the old concrete, it provides a beautiful finish and gives a smooth texture. As the area dries, you will get a durable surface. It requires at least 24 hours to dry out properly.

About asphalt driveway

Asphalt is a feasible material for building driveways, and reputed paving professionals prefer it too. When installed, it gives a smooth finish, so the vehicles produce lower emissions and consume less fuel. Asphalt is quiet and safe, as it provides better gripping power and it’s durable. According to homeowning experts, an asphalt driveway will also prove to be more durable and less prone to cracking than other driveway materials.

The benefits of asphalt simply add up to an unbeatable value. This material can also be environmentally friendly as it can be reused or recycled. Moreover, its new technology and flexibility make the material one of the best pavement choices.

The Cost of Asphalt Driveway vs Concrete

Cost is a significant element for any project, and if it regards your home’s driveway, you must know which material will give you a budget solution. Asphalt is more affordable than concrete by at least 40%, and because of this, it’s a more popular option. However, concrete and asphalt maintenance costs should be factored into your budget. You also need to think of the resale value of asphalt over concrete.

Cost of asphalt driveway

If you look at the average per square foot rate of asphalt, it will be $2 to $5. This price does not include the cost of resealing after six months. In addition, you can add some unique finishes to the driveway. For example, you can use stamped asphalt, which costs twelve to $17 per square foot and get some desired designs. You can also ask the paving companies to use colour on the asphalt driveway, and this modification will cost extra.

Price of driveway made of concrete

If you have decided to use a concrete driveway, it will cost per square foot anywhere between $2 to $4. This standard concrete material does not have special designs for the finishes. If you are looking for stamped, engraved, etched, or stained concrete work on your driveway, it will cost $15 or more per square foot.

Repairs and maintenance of concrete and asphalt driveways

If you have decided to go for an asphalt driveway, you need to ask the paving companies about the maintenance. The professionals will tell you that you have to seal the asphalt ground just after six months of applying it, and after that, you have to opt for the sealing task every five to three years. This is the only way you can extend the service of the asphalt driveway,

On the other hand, concrete pavement does not require frequent sealing. And when paving companies add sealing to concrete driveways, it gives a perfect look, and the feature retains for a long time. The maintenance cost might be a bit high, but removing the fuel, chemical stains, and oil build-up in the concrete material is required.


Asphalt and concrete driveways are prone to cracks, so you need to repair them as soon as possible. Homeowners find that asphalt crack repairing is easier and cost-effective too, and they can get different styles. But with concrete, resurfacing and repair is a hard task, and it may cost more. You must thoroughly weigh out each material’s pros and cons before you decide on what driveway material you want to install onto your property.





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