The Current Trends of Video Streaming Platforms

There is no denying that video streaming platforms like Disney+, HBO Max, and Netflix are very popular today, as each of these platforms has millions of users or subscribers around the world. There are many contributing factors as to why these platforms are popular, and the current trends in the entertainment industry and video streaming could be responsible for some of these factors.

One of the biggest trends in the entertainment industry is how video streaming has surpassed the number of viewers for both broadcast and cable in 2022. In fact, ExpressVPN reveals that it was the first time in the history of video streaming that Netflix and other streaming websites have climbed to the top of the rankings in terms of viewership. To learn more about the popularity of HBO Max, Netflix, and other streaming websites and apps, let us discuss more current trends in video streaming platforms.

Netflix Rises Again

Netflix app on an iPad

It was reported in April of 2022 that Netflix was losing subscribers, and it was the first time in 10 years that its subscriber count had decreased, which is also a testament to how popular Netflix was in the previous decade. There are many reasons why Netflix lost many subscribers in early 2022, and one of the most talked about reasons is because of the rising competition, as many companies have now created their own streaming platforms and sometimes offer better deals to their customers or viewers.

However, when the fourth season of “Stranger Things,” a very popular Netflix-exclusive show, was released in May and July of 2022, reports stated that Netflix regained the number of subscribers that they lost in the early months of the year. In fact, Stranger Things was the number one show on the worldwide streaming charts for eight weeks, which is enough time for Netflix to get subscribers that are new to their platform or have re-subscribed just to watch Stranger Things.

Besides being at the top of streaming rankings for many weeks, Stranger Things also broke the record for the most streamed English-language show in the first 28 days after its release. Interestingly, this record was previously held by Bridgerton, another Netflix-exclusive show that first aired in 2020. For the most streamed show, regardless of language, the record belongs to Squid Game, which is also a Netflix-exclusive show that aired in 2021. So, despite losing subscribers, Netflix just quickly regained those numbers whenever they released a highly anticipated tv show or movie.

The Rising Popularity of Other Streaming Platforms

a couple watching a movie using a laptop

Even though Netflix has been dominating the video streaming market for many years, there are some streaming platforms today that are challenging Netflix’s dominance by releasing great TV shows and movies and slowly gaining more and more viewers each month. In 2021, while Netflix still had the top 5 most viewed shows in the year, Amazon Prime Video was able to rise to the top 10 rankings with “Coming 2 America,” the 9th most viewed show in that year.

In addition to Amazon Prime, Disney+ also gained traction in 2021 with “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” a Marvel show that was number one in the rankings for the most-viewed shows for about a week after its release. By 2022, a Disney+ movie titled “Turning Red” became one of the top ten most viewed streaming content. Moreover, Amazon Prime Video also got two of the top 20 most streamed shows instead of just one from the previous year. It wouldn’t be surprising if many more shows and movies from other streaming platforms would become more popular and more viewed compared to most Netflix shows and films in the future.

The Convenience of Video Streaming Platforms

Netflix on TV

There are many reasons for the popularity of video streaming platforms, but there is one particular reason we should discuss since it would already give you a much better idea of the success of video streaming without discussing the other reasons. This specific reason is related to the convenience that video streaming platforms provide.

If you want to watch high-quality movies and TV shows at home without the need to go to a cinema or wait for a specific time slot, then you can just watch through a video streaming platform like Netflix and Disney+. If you are too tired to go to a cinema after work or school, you can just watch a good movie on a video streaming app, and if you like a bigger screen than your phone or tablet, you also have the chance to stream the movie on your television screen, as long as it can connect to a Wi-Fi or if it has a streaming device connected to it like the Google Chromecast.

Furthermore, if you want to watch a TV show but cannot view it in its given time slot because you are still at work or school during that time, you can just watch other TV shows on video streaming platforms, as these shows can be viewed anytime and anywhere. What’s also great about some streaming apps or websites is that they will already upload all episodes of a TV show on the release date, so you can go on a marathon and watch all episodes in one day if you have free time.

These are all the current and popular trends for video streaming platforms and the entertainment industry today. If you have never tried a video streaming app or website before, now may be the time for you to do so, as there are already dozens of platforms to choose from and thousands of movies and TV shows to watch.