The Cutest Hoop Earrings From Kendra Scott


It’s no secret that jewelry levels up any outfit. Once you add earrings to an ensemble, you instantly feel a lot more put-together than you did without them. There’s nothing quite like finding that perfect accessory that really ties your whole look together! Kendra Scott jewelry encompasses inspirational pieces of jewelry from necklaces to hoops and everything else in between. If you’re into fashion, you’ll find that the high-quality pieces from Kendra Scott add interest to your outfits. Adding that extra bit of sparkle really makes you feel confident and empowered. If you’re looking for cute hoops from Kendra Scott, check out some of the best sterling silver and gold jewelry below.

Maggie Small Hoop Earrings in Gold Filigree

These are some of the best-selling hoop earrings from Kendra Scott. They’re thicker than your average thin gold hoops and are lightweight. Wearing the Maggie hoop earring is effortless and easy. Even though it comes in an intricate pattern, it’s still subtle enough to incorporate into your everyday looks. But this piece of jewelry adds that extra bit of interest that you can’t get with a stud. This style is made of filigree, and the metal is brass with a 14k gold plating to ensure that classic yellow gold hue. Pair it with a gold necklace and you’re sure to turn heads!

Veronica Gold Hoop Earrings

When you think of a classic hoop earring, you’re likely picturing something that resembles the Veronica Gold Hoops. It’s got the simple silhouette, but there’s a little bit of sparkle with a few iridescent crystals added. Because it’s simple and elegant, you’ll have no problems styling these weightless hoops. At nearly 2 inches in diameter, they make the perfect addition to anyone’s jewelry box.

Jack Silver Hoop Earrings

If you’re not into yellow gold, this best seller from Kendra Scott may be the one for you. These 1-inch wonders are reminiscent of the Art Deco era. They’ve got a thicker style with baguette crystals. Happy customers comment on how they come in the perfect size. This pair of earrings is big enough to notice but small enough to be versatile. The shade “charcoal gray crystal” is popular amongst Kendra Scott customers. It’s made of brass with rhodium plating, which means it’s available at an affordable price point!

Easton Rose Gold Hoops

This rose gold number comes in a geometrical shape as opposed to your traditional round hoop earring. It’s sleek and modern with a lightweight design. The material is made of brass with a 14k rose gold plating. If you love pink hues, this is a great choice to switch up your accessories. The shape is similar to a baguette, and the size is 2 inches in length. Customers state that they get lots of compliments on this pair of earrings. And it only makes sense! They’re unique, edgy, and make for a great gift. This pair of rose gold hoops make a statement.

Avi Silver Hoop Earrings

Avi Silver Hoop Earrings

This unique pair of large hoop earrings is made through a process called “electroforming.” This involves dipping a custom model into a water bath. But what makes it unique is that the water bath has an electric current. Metal particles are then added into the water bath. These particles gather onto the custom model, which is dissolved to create a hollow pair of lightweight silver hoops. It’s a customer favorite, and this style comes in silver, gold, and rose gold.

With all of the cute options available at Kendra Scott, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and more. Not only do they have earrings, but they also have plenty of other accessories like necklaces, rings, bracelets, charms, and chains. All of their jewelry is made of high-quality materials and available at affordable price points.

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