The Deal With Vinyl Windows

The windows of our house are often neglected in our entire process of decorating and/or renovating. However, windows should actually be given a lot more importance because we end up actually paying a lot of extra money when we are neglecting our windows or have old and damaged windows still installed in our home.

Our windows essentially help to keep outside air where it is, and at the same time, prevent inside air from moving outside. So, if your windows are not able to provide that protective barrier, both outside and inside air start mixing and moving and what this does is end up affecting the temperature balance inside our house, and this causes our HVAC system to work overtime, leading to a higher energy bill over time.

Window materials have changed over the past few decades, so what might have been considered a good alternative or option before might no longer be able to meet our energy certification requirements today. One of the more popular options for replacement windows nowadays are vinyl windows, so you can look into companies that offer Arvada vinyl replacement windows services.

Vinyl is a very durable material that is derived from Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), and it offers a bunch of advantages over other tradition window materials like wood or metal and so on.

The Advantages

  • PVC, in general, happens to offer a high R-value. This means that vinyl windows will have high insulation which is very beneficial.
  • Given how vinyl windows have better insulation than most window materials, replacing your windows with vinyl windows will help you save money in energy costs over time. Vinyl windows will help you keep heat out of your house during the summers, and will also prevent heat from leaving your house during the winter season, keeping your house maintained at the right temperature throughout the year.
  • Vinyl windows offer you a lot of customizability. So, you can have the size, shape, and color of the windows molded to your liking. So, you will not be inhibited in any way when dealing with vinyl windows, and this creative freedom is really beneficial for a lot of people.
  • Vinyl windows, unlike traditional windows, are not affected by weather changes and they will not end up taking any sort of damage. This means that your vinyl replacement windows will not age as fast as your older windows did.
  • Vinyl does not require any maintenance, in fact, all you have to do is clean them with soapy water every now and then and you are good to go.
  • Vinyl windows will not stain, chip, get scrape marks or need a repaint either, so you will not have to worry about that either.
  • Vinyl does not corrode or rust either, so that adds to their durability as well.
  • Vinyl is actually one of the least expensive window materials that you can find, so you are not spending a fortune on them either.

So, it is safe to say that opting for vinyl replacement windows can prove to be very advantageous for you. Vinyl windows are known for their durability, their customizability, and how energy efficient they can be.

The Disadvantages

  • Vinyl windows cannot be repainted. So, once you select a color, you cannot change it down the line, so you will end up having to replace the entire window.
  • Vinyl windows can be affected by harsh weather conditions, especially extreme heat. So, if it does end up taking damage and the color ends up wearing off, you will have to get the entire window replaced.
  • Vinyl windows do not add anything to the house’s sale cost. So, getting vinyl windows will not increase the market value of your house in any way as opposed to other kinds of windows. So, you will have to keep the low resale value of vinyl windows in mind, especially if you plan on selling your house at some point in the future.
  • Standard vinyl windows will not cost you as much, so you do not have to worry about costs then. However, if you plan on getting your vinyl windows customized by size or shape, then you will have to be willing to pay extra, because vinyl is not easy to deal with, and in fact, the process of molding and altering them is a pretty complicated one, so the more customized your vinyl windows, the higher the overall price will become.

Vinyl windows happen to come with their own list of advantages and disadvantages, just like any other type of window material. However, now that you have all of the information in front of you, you can weigh the pros and cons yourself and decide whether or not you feel opting for vinyl replacement windows will be advantageous to you or not. So, do not make this decision hastily and consider everything before you make your next move.