The Delegates and Their Novelty Hit “Convention ’72”


Introduction to The Delegates

The Delegates were a one hit wonder “group” from the 70s music era formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They consisted of radio disc jockey Bob DeCarlo, and local record owners Nick Cenci and Nick Kousaleous. Together they recorded a novelty number called “Convention ’72”. It is hardly music but oldies music fans will still feel nostalgic about this record. In the style of Dick Goodman (of “Flying Saucer” fame), the “group” parodied the popular television reporters interviewing the politicians who were then running for the presidential race. “Convention ’72” was the group’s big (and only) major hit, breaking into the Top 10 in 1972. An album followed that contained the hit single.

The Delegates’ formation and short history

One of the acts who made to the myriads of one hit wonders was The Delegates. Formed in the early 1970’s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the so-called group consisted of disc jockey of the Pittsburgh-based radio station KQV Bob DeCarlo and the two local record executives Nick Cenci and Nick Kousaleous.

The Delegates’ lone hit “Convention ’72

DeCarlo was approached by Cenci and Kousaleous to record a novelty record and they later  came up with “Convention ’72,” a parody track which featured the voices of the three, making imitations of several popular reporters during that time: Walter Cronkite (“Walter Klondike”), Chet Huntley (“Sidney Bruntley”), David Brinkley (“David Stinkley”) and Harry Reasoner (“Larry Reasoning”). For some reason, they made the spoof of David Brinkley as a gay reporter. In the winter of 1972,”Convention ’72” registered at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 that would be their one and only hit.

Released on Milestone Records, the track was recorded in a “question and answer” style, involving the presidential election during that time and the responses would be the lines of the year’s hit songs such as “The Candy Man,” “Double Barrel,” “Troglodyte,” “Funky Worm,” “I Gotcha,” “Sealed With a Kiss,” “I Don’t Know How To Love Him,” “Loving You Is Wrong (I Don’ Want to Be Right)” and “Lean on Me.”

Shortly thereafter, DeCarlo recorded a self-titled album of their group and did a Sinatra cover of “My Way.”

Discography (may be impartial)


  • (Vee Jay)
    A: The Convention
    B: The Rock
  • (Mainstream)
    A: Convention ’72
    B: Convention ’72
  • (Mainstream)
    A: Convention ’72
    B: Funky Butt ’72
  • (Mainstream)
    A: (After the Election) Richard M. Nixon – Face the Issues
    B: Touzie’s Blues


  • The Delegates
    1. Richard M. Nixon – Face The Issues
    2. L.B.J. Branch
    3. Ramsey Clark
    4. George McGovern
    5. Spiro Agnew
    6. The Godfather – Interview
    7. Sargent Shriver
    8. Sydney – Singing “My Way”
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