The Demand For Nurse Practitioner is Growing – As are the Professional Opportunities


In 2020, we are witnessing a changing healthcare system with sprouting health concerns. As a result, there is a continuous shortage of healthcare providers around the globe. Surprisingly, the storage of medical workers is leading to the emergence of new health delivery models. They focus on improving patient care, lowering healthcare costs, and enlarging existing roles.

Likewise, the role of a nurse practitioner is also expanding in the healthcare system. Alongside patient care treatment, they are also taking the responsibility of performing diagnosis. In primary care, nurse practitioners can perform all services of a physician at much lower costs. There are several other reasons involved in its demand.

If you wish to know, here are some more reasons why the demand for a nurse practitioner is growing.

Shortage of Physicians

The health resources and administration department predicted a shortage of 20,400 physicians in 2020, but unfortunately, the numbers have doubled. Nurse practitioners have the potential to alleviate this impending shortage. They have all the necessary expertise to treat acute illnesses by performing diagnosis and giving all evidence-based results to the patients. At the same time, large retail clinics and private hospitals are switching to nurse practitioners by exposing them to countless job openings.  There are even job providing agencies for nurses that help both nurses and hospitals to find relevant job opportunities for both. Find more information about nursing job opportunities on Nurses PRN.

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Growing Need for Personalized Care

The Healthcare sector is growing at a face pace, where doctors or physicians don’t have enough time to look after patients personally. A nurse practitioner is capable of delivering connected services while developing relationships with patients to make them comfortable. Similarly, they share knowledge about diseases, potential treatments since the primary focus is patient wellness. If you can empathize and connect with people, don’t mind trying your luck with this profession. In case you are wondering how long are BSN to DNP programs, it takes approximately 3 to 4 years to qualify as a nurse practitioner.

Changing Demographics

With increasing health concerns, baby boomers have also started to age. Hence, the growth in demographics is raising demand for medical experts and health professionals. Usually, they need help with acute illnesses, low blood pressure, high blood sugar, chest pains, etc. Nurse practitioners have the knack of all such procedures and medical treatments, assisting all the patients in need.

All the nurse practitioners go through extensive training periods, allowing them to excel in their careers quickly. Thus, it doesn’t limit you to a particular field; instead, this career opens doors for numerous growth opportunities. So, to smoothly continue your nursing journey, have a look below to explore different career paths.

1. Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

It is one of the most popular nursing professions since FNPs are responsible for providing family care to patients of all ages. You will get to treat little toddlers, sensible adults, and lively baby boomers. Believe it or not, but exposure to different people broadens your horizons while helping you understand how the body changes with age.

For instance, two people might complain of having the same problem, but due to the difference in ages, one might have more complications than others. Hence, it helps you learn through practical experiences. Moreover, FNPs play a significant role in empowering patients to care for themselves by educating them about medical procedures, healthy lifestyle choices, and managing injuries.

2. Surgical Nurse Practitioner

Surgical procedures are intense and require a lot of expertise. Thus, a surgeon or doctor alone cannot perform the entire process. Here is where the need for a surgical nurse practitioner arises. They prepare patients for surgeries, which means they explain the procedure to patients to avoid tension, inject anesthesia, and compile all surgical tools. Likewise, they provide immediate care to patients after the surgery, ensuring their well-being. The pay-scale of these nurses depend on experience and skills, allowing them to earn $84,000 to $114,000 annually.

3.  Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Do you like babies? Neonatal nurse practitioners are responsible for handling little angels who are young and vulnerable to take care of themselves. You will have to look after infants, premature babies, and babies who face injuries right after birth. These practitioners know how to handle medical equipment – incubators while monitoring the infant’s physical condition.

Besides, they take care of high-risk deliveries where the mother is facing several complications. Alongside expertise, you should have a healthy mindset and willpower to handle such stressful situations. Indeed, it is a challenging profession, but with equally satisfying rewards, these nurses earn $99,000 annually.

4. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Previously, mental health was more like social stigma, but in 2020, people are comfortable talking about mental health issues. Therefore, the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner has become a great profession. They help patients cope with psychological problems by providing psychotherapy and mental health counseling. You will also have to prescribe medications to treat psychiatric disorders and pull out people from these complications. Besides, it is up to whether you want to contribute to the healthcare system or work on your own.

5. Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

The outspread of viruses and dangerous diseases is occupying the majority of physicians and doctors. Sadly, they don’t have enough time to look after patients suffering from acute illnesses. Even if someone manages to get an appointment, the follow-up time is not less than six months. ACN practitioners can bail you out by giving you immediate medical treatment.

They have the expertise to diagnose illnesses, diseases, and treat them with potential medications. Similarly, they will teach you about your injury or medical condition, allowing you to take care of yourself properly. It is a promising profession because, on average, an acute care nurse practitioner earns $100,200 annually.

6. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Being a pediatric nurse practitioner, you will deal with infants, toddlers, preteens, and children under the age of 21. Your role would be somewhat similar to that of a family nurse practitioner because you will be responsible for the primary care of children. You will be a part of the pediatrics team in the hospital, responsible for providing diagnosis and creating treatment plans. It is more like a specialized field where you can learn about human development and the impact of childhood experiences on the future. Moreover, you can also provide counseling to children to help them deal with bullying, family problems, or any social issue.

Final Thoughts

Everyone aims to become a physician and surgeon without acknowledging the overgrowing demand of other professions. In today’s world, nurse practitioners are in high order, and the healthcare sector offers rewarding opportunities. Thus, if you are pursuing a career in medicine, have a look above to see growing demand and professional opportunities for nursing practitioners.

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