The Design and Build Scheme


The Design and Build scheme is a widely used contracting method that combines both design and construction in one contract. In this process, the design and build services will be conducted by one company using only a single contract.

This will help save time and hassle from disputes regarding the difference in opinions between the designer and the building contractor. With this scheme, you will only need a single design-build firm with in-house of talented and skilled designers, architects, estimators, engineers, interior designers, field crew, and project managers to the job for you. This team of experts will work hand-in-hand in making your dream building possible at the soonest possible time.

Difference between Traditional Procurement from Design and Build Scheme

The main difference between Traditional Procurement from the Modern Design- Build Scheme is control. With the traditional method, you have the sole control of the project. The overall design of the project and the liability remains with the design or Architect team, while the overall build and workmanship will be the sole responsibility of the contractor.

On the other hand, with the Design & Build Scheme, the contractor will have the overall control and liability for both the design and workmanship of the project. The contractor will be in charge of all the decision making, based on financial benefit and judgment, which will affect the overall success of the project.


The identifying characteristic of the design-build method is with its contracts. This method only uses a single contract, which is often labeled as single-source contracting. If there is a problem or something that needs to be changed, the owner only needs to talk to a single source, which is the contractor of the project, for approval or resolution.

Under the single-source contract, designers and the field crew will work as one in producing drawings and analyzing a logical construction sequence. This will allow the project to be completed in stages instead of completing the design from the start of the project.

Why You Should Choose the Design & Build Approach for Your Project?

Here are the different reasons to choose the design & build approach for your next project.

1. Single Contract

When you use this method, you will get rid of the hassle of having to entertain individual bids for the design and construction process. With this process, you are presented with a single bid notified by the combined skills and expertise of designers and contractors.

2. Faster Completion of the Project

Because the team of architects and contractors work from the same company, it is expected that the progress of the work is faster as compared to the traditional process. In fact, the American Society of Civil Engineers published a peer-reviewed paper that has recognized that projects under the Design-Build process are completed 33% faster than the traditional approach.

3. More Savings

The same paper found out that the Design-Build approach could help save 43% of total costs. When the architecture and engineering team is on the same page, they notify each other regarding their decision, thus resulting in cost-effective planning and execution that can help you save thousands from your pocket.

4. Less Risk

With this approach, the Design-Build firm will be carrying all the contractual and responsibility risks. Should any problem arise, the team will quickly handle it amicably as oppose to the traditional approach where the architects and contractors constantly bickers due to difference of opinions.

5. Lesser Litigation Claims

Lawsuits are one of the most common legal problems with regard to construction projects. This creates problems and difficulties for the developer or owner of the project who has to wait for the arguments to be settled. However, only 1.3% of claims against engineering and architecture firms have been made by Design & Build contractors according to a study done by Victor O. Schinnerer.

The Design & Build approach has ample evidence to prove that it will yield faster and better results with minimal risk and at a more affordable price. If you choose this approach, you have to make sure that you look for trusted contractors with years of expertise to do the job for you. What are you waiting for? Turn your dream house into a reality with the Design & Build approach.

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