The development of poker into one of the world’s most popular games


Since the game was first played around the 19th century, poker has become one of the world’s most popular pastimes. It is played by people for several different reasons: some who have more expertise in the game particularly like the tactical elements. Should you visit any casino around the world, you might also see groups of novices playing the game, they see games such as poker as an activity during a night out.

How do people play in 2021?

The popularity of poker has meant developers using the evolving platforms and technology to develop new games. Many casino websites place a great deal of importance on classic casino games such as this. One game on this real money live casino website is Caribbean Stud Poker. As well as offering classic gameplay, they aim to give you a more exotic experience. The presence of these sites and variety of poker options and themes indicate that the online game is now hugely popular. In recent times, it has been reported that around 100 million play poker online.

Poker’s origins and development

selection of historians previously suggested that the earliest variations of poker can be traced back to a card game played in 10th century China. Others believe its origins date back to a Persian game played later in the 16th century. The game we play today started to take a foothold across Europe in the 19th century and it has remained popular ever since.

Over time, more variations of the game have been imagined and created. One of the most famous examples of this is Texas Hold ‘em. The popularity of Texas Hold ’em exploded in the 1990s and early 2000s. Some have since argued that this is due to its exposure on TV and later on the internet.

Professional poker

Professional poker tournaments have become hugely popular amongst players and those that watch from home. The prize money on offer in these tournaments often adds to the tension. A Guardian article from 2013 contains an interesting interview with a professional poker player. The player developed an interest in the game after being fascinated by the strategic elements.

The future of poker

Looking ahead to the near future, it will be interesting to speculate how people will play the game. People playing games on their computer or mobile device is certainly here to stay. People enjoy the convenience of this whilst enjoying the thrill of playing against real people.

Others have speculated that technology such as Virtual Reality could start to be utilised to improve the users’ experience of poker games. PokerStars VR has a growing base of players and aims to provide an immersive experience that reminds the player of a visit to an actual casino. There are many different environments that the user can be transported to.

As time goes by, will we start to VR games such as this take off in terms of popularity? It can certainly provide the relative convenience of playing online games whilst also giving you this more immersive experience.

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