The Different Types of Careers In Counseling


If you’re looking to make the world a better place, positively impact people’s lives, and work in a field that always offers up new challenges, then a career in counseling could be for you! Counselors are essential in today’s society as they guide and support people through difficult life circumstances and often help them find new perspectives.

With a vast array of career fields available in counseling, it can be overwhelming to figure out which is right for you! That’s why we’ve broken down eight popular counseling-based careers for you so that you can begin exploring the many possibilities available in this rewarding profession. From mental health counselors to addiction specialists, each career path offers unique opportunities with different settings and focus areas.

So Are you ready to head down the path of being an agent of change? Let’s dive into 8 of the most popular types of counseling careers and help you decide if one is right for you!

Mental Health Counselors: Supporting Clients’ Well-Being

As a mental health counselor, you will be responsible for providing support and guidance to those who need it. This includes helping them to identify and manage their issues, enabling them to develop coping skills and work towards overall emotional well-being.

In this profession, you will typically work with clients in individual or group settings to help them address personal problems such as anxiety, depression, addiction, and grief.

However, it’s important to note that you need to be qualified to practice as a mental health counselor, with a bachelor’s degree being the minimum requirement. Thankfully, obtaining an advanced degree is easier than ever now, with many universities offering on-campus and online programs for working individuals to complete their coursework whenever and wherever they like, minimizing schedule and travel concerns.

If you can’t have on-campus classes, you can always consider online counseling programs.

School Counselors: Exploring the Role

If you love being around kids and teenagers, are patient with others, and have excellent problem-solving skills, you should consider a career as a school counselor.

In this field, you will provide educational guidance to help students succeed in their education and select classes that are the right fit for them. You will also assist in developing plans for college and career readiness.

On top of offering academic advice, you also have to help students with social issues such as mental health problems, drug abuse issues, bullying, or conflict resolution. This can include individual counseling sessions to assess the student’s situation and find possible solutions for their problem.

Marriage and Family Therapists: Supporting Families and Couples

If you’re someone who enjoys helping others and has an affinity for family dynamics and relationships, then a career in marriage and family therapy could be for you. This type of counseling focuses on relationships between couples and families and employs various therapeutic techniques to help promote understanding, communication, and conflict resolution.

In this profession, you’ll help families get to the root of any issues they might face while guiding how to work together. You can also work with individuals struggling with issues related to their family dynamics. With your expertise and empathy, you can empower individuals within their relationships so they can all strive for healthier outcomes!

Rehabilitation Counselors: Supporting Career Development

You’re probably familiar with rehabilitation counselors, but do you know what specialized roles they can take on? Rehabilitation counselors help individuals dealing with disabilities reach their full potential—whether it’s through education, employment, or something else. They:

  • Assess and evaluate patient needs
  • Develop individualized plans for career development and independent living
  • Advise, mentor, and teach clients how to cope with their disabilities
  • Help clients gain practical job search skills
  • Facilitate relationships between employers and clients
  • Educate employers about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities

It’s a fantastic job for those passionate about helping others live fuller lives. With your help, clients can reach their highest potential—all while feeling supported throughout their journey.

Substance Abuse/Addiction Counselors: Encouraging Recovery

As a substance abuse or addiction counselor, you will use your skills to help those struggling with substance abuse and addiction find the necessary resources to make changes and support their recovery. This can include providing therapy, helping individuals with their daily routines, and understanding the underlying issues that drive their behavior.

You’ll use evidence-based practices like cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing to help your clients stay on track. Additionally, you will help them explore triggers and develop coping strategies to prevent relapse in the future.

Using your knowledge of available resources, you’ll be able to connect those dealing with substance dependency to the services they need—such as detox programs or support groups—and provide therapy in a variety of settings: one-on-one, within family settings, and even online.

Career Counselors: Guiding Individuals Through Choices

If you’re a natural problem-solver and empathetic listener, you might make a great career counselor. They help individuals make informed decisions about their educational or professional path. It’s their job to provide direction, advice, and resources to aid in the process.

Here are just some of the duties you have to handle as a career counselor:

  • Setting up informational interviews and job shadowing opportunities with mentors
  • Guiding clients through resume writing, interview prep, and portfolio creation
  • Advising on educational options such as universities, colleges, internships, or apprenticeships
  • Holding workshops for those looking to explore their professional options
  • Developing individualized career plans based on each person’s unique goals

If you have a knack for organization and are passionate about guiding people through their journey, career counseling might be for you.


There is plenty of opportunity for growth in this field, and counselors can enjoy the satisfaction of helping others and being part of something bigger. If you’re considering a career in counseling, explore the different paths available to you and find the one that best suits your skill set.


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