The Different Types Of Pubs You Can Consider Managing


When considering making a career change and becoming a pub landlord, one of the biggest factors to consider is the type of pub you want to run. There are various types of establishments that may suit your preferences and circumstances, so you must look at all options to see which is the best fit. Choosing a suitable pub can help ensure you enjoy your new career, and it is a resounding success when you take it over. Below, you can see some of the different types of pubs you can choose to help you decide on the best option for you.

The Traditional Local Pub

There used to be a pub on almost every corner, and these public houses were a cornerstone of the local community. However, with costs increasing and people’s habits changing, as many as 29 pubs close their doors forever on a weekly basis in the UK. The traditional local pub has been the biggest affected by these closures, but there is still room for this traditional British establishment if you choose a suitable location.

Most traditional pubs serve mainly drinks, although they may offer simple foods and bar snacks. The traditional pub acts like a meeting place for the local population, and you get a broad spectrum of different types of patrons frequenting these pubs. It may be the perfect option if you want something that mainly sells drinks and is not as busy as a town centre pub.

The Gastro Pub

A more popular option in recent years is the gastro pub, which combines a traditional pub with a variety of delicious foods. Some people visit the pub only for drinks, while others go to dine out. The menu on offer in a gastro pub can vary quite drastically, depending on the location and the type of food that is available.

There is a lot more to running this type of pub than is needed when running a traditional pub, and you must cater to diners and drinkers when running this type of establishment. You want to ensure that your gastro pub stands out from what is available in your local area, and using local produce and ingredients is an excellent way to market your establishment.

A Sports Pub

Another pub option you can consider is running a sports pub that primarily focuses on drinks and showing televised sports. Pubs like this exist throughout the UK, and some are highly popular for watching sporting events, like football or rugby matches. With so much sport available to watch on television, you can always have multiple options on the screens of your pub to satisfy your patrons.

Although many of these establishments focus on drinks and sports, having simple food is an excellent way to attract more customers and boost revenues for your pub. The food does not need to be extravagant, and offering simple foods that are easy to make can be an excellent way to win over the customers.

A Chain Pub

Many breweries and pub management companies like Admiral Taverns have chain pubs that might be the perfect fit for your preferences. These pubs, which are often affordable and family-friendly, provide quality food and drinks. They often have extensive menus, and the food is a big part of the business, catering to a wide range of tastes.

However, there is often less freedom to run these types of establishments, and you must ensure that you adhere to corporate guidelines, or you could find yourself in trouble. An added advantage of running this type of establishment is that plenty of support is available, including extensive training to ensure you are up to speed

A Micropub

Many people are into their craft beers, and a micropub specialises in serving high-quality, often locally produced, beers and ales. You will often not find distractions like loud music or televisions in these types of establishments, as people visit for beer rather than to listen to music or watch sports.

Some micropubs brew beer onsite, so to run one of these establishments, you may need specialist experience, although some have master brewers to take care of this. However, if you know craft ales and like a varied beer selection, this might be the perfect option to consider running as a landlord.

The above are a few pub options you can consider when becoming a pub landlord, but other options are available. Ensure you do not rush your decision and take the time to find the ideal type of pub you wish to run, and it could be the start of a rewarding and satisfying new career.

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