The Disney Vacation Club – The Benefits of Resale Listings and Visualizing your Vacation Dreams



For many of us, we may have heard of the Disney Vacation club, and some of us haven’t. The Disney vacation club functions in a similar way to an ordinary timeshare. Just like an ordinary timeshare, you will buy rights to a property in a Disney resort, whereby you will hold a time frame for the property every year and you will share the cost with others.

The advantage of this program is that it is with Disney Resorts! Disney provides some of the most attractive and stunning resort locations from across the world. From Hawaii to Paris, a Disney Resort will give you and your family priceless memories for years to come.

However, sometimes the vacation points that you have accrued just aren’t enough for your desired destination. The Aulani resort in Hawaii is just a little out of reach. Either because you don’t have enough points or because that is the only place you would like to go.

That’s why an innovative company called DVC Vacation Resale Experts are providing a easy and straightforward way to purchase vacation points at the resorts that you would prefer to be at year after year.

Why Use DVC Resale Experts?

First, there has to be a pretty basic requirement for working with a team such as this. The people that you would like to manage your timeshare investments need to have an intimate understanding of how Disney Vacations function and the way in which you can benefit.

The owners of the company have worked for and lived the Disney vacation experience. They know the ins and outs and for that reason, you will want experts helping you with a DVC point purchase.

The great addition as well is that DVC Sales isn’t just about buying, it’s about reselling as well. You will want a team that can guide you with not just purchasing a timeshare investment, but selling it if the need arises.

Introducing the Sale Relistings Inventory

The great thing that I noticed when doing my research on this company, is that they have pioneered something very special on their website. It is a Sale Relistings Inventory.

This inventory list shows you pretty much everything and I mean everything when it comes to educating yourself on a DVC point purchase. Let’s just say that you have a preference to have a timeshare in one resort in particular. Let’s just say that resort is Aulanu in Hawaii and you really only want that to be your dream destination. You can search through their inventory and find the location that you’’re looking for. You can purchase points to make up for the shortfall if you don’t have enough.

Points are obviously going to vary by location and a purchase like this will allow you to ‘hone in’

on your favourite place.

Choosing the Right Month

You may like all the locations that the Disney Vacation Club has to offer, yet you have one small issue. You bought a DVC timeshare for a specific month and now that month is no longer the timeframe that you need. Your kids may be going back to College earlier than you thought, or you just can’t get time off of work for that specific month like you used to.

DVC resale listings inventory gives you a month to month list of vacation points in specific areas, according to your preferred month. So the advantage is that if you need time in January to use your vacation points, you can search for January in their listings.

You could contact their team and make the vacation points for that month, your own. Believe it or not, the reason that most people stop buying ‘timeshares’ is that they realize that the month they bought timeshare in is no longer relevant for them or that the other families you share with want the same time frame.

This constraint is no longer an issue with the help of this company. You can buy points for another month and then at a later date sell your old points if you no longer need them.


I can’t emphasise how beneficial this company’s service is for anyone who has a real estate interest in the Disney Vacation Club. The company really provides a great inventory of prices for points, points that are relevant to where you would want your vacation to be and most of all, brokers that can help you do it.

Today it is so much cheaper to purchase in the Disney Vacation Club than having to just book at peak times and at peak rates for these hotels. The DVC Resale experts will hold your hand and give you all the expertise you need.

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