The Dos and Don’ts of Using a Hair Serum

Hair serums and different scalp rejuvenation products play an important role in, hair styling, controlling frizz and offering protection against environmental hazards, thanks to their deep-nourishing properties. The purpose of serums is to work on the surface level, augmenting the effectiveness of your conditioner.

Hair serum has become a vital part of hair care routines. A shampoo cleanses the scalp and strands, conditioner seals the cuticle and replenishes hydration, and a layer of serum on top locks in the benefits of both. Including serums in your hair care regime offers a layer of protection to your hair.

The key is to use them the right way to avail of these benefits. To that end, here are some important Dos and Don’ts of using a hair serum:


Select the right serum

There is a host of options available in the market today. So, it is imperative that you pick one that is best aligned with your hair care needs. If you have unmanageable, frizzy or curly hair, opt for an extra nourishing serum. Likewise, if you have fine, oily hair, choose one that is lightweight and non-greasy.

Apply on moist hair

It is vital to apply the hair serum on damp hair for it to work effectively in lending them a glossy and healthy look. Once you’ve towel dried your hair, take a coin-sized portion on your palm, rub it and then apply evenly to your hair. Your hair will look shiny and nurtured upon drying.

Coat after heat styling

If you use hair styling tools such as dryers, straightening irons or curlers often, use a heat protectant spray before styling your hair. Once the styling has been completed, apply hair serum for added smoothness and shine.


Spread over on the top of your head

Hair serums, like conditioners, are not meant for the scalp. The scalp produces oils naturally to keep the skin and roots nourished. It is the strands and the ends that get dried and damaged. Applying serum on the scalp and roots can make your hair look greasy. That’s why you should focus on using it along the length of the hair, ideally starting about an inch from the roots. On a different note, several essential hair growth oils are available to boost and improve hair growth.

Apply to unwashed hair

Hair serums are meant to be applied to washed and clean hair. Applying it on unwashed hair will invite dirt and make it look sticky.

Use too much serum

When it comes to hair serums, less is more. Applying more serum will not make your hair more manageable or tamed. Instead, it will make them look limp and greasy. When used in the right amount, the serum will show results in the long run.

Wrapping Up

Now that you understand how to leverage a hair serum optimally, all that’s left for you to do is pick one that caters to your hair care needs. Factor in your hair type, length and volume when choosing a serum. Once you find that perfect fit, stick to it and revel in the glory of glossy, shiny hair.