The Dreamlovers – “When We Get Married”

Short introduction to The Dreamlovers

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s The Dreamlovers appeared on the music scene in the early 1960s with two charting singles “When We Get Married” and “If I Should Lose You.” The R&B and doo-wop vocal group achieved the highest hit with “When We Get Married” in 1961, recorded for Heritage Records. Their following single “If I Should Lose You,” recorded and released for End Records. “When We Get Married” would be subsequently covered by the Intruders and Larry Graham in 1970 and 1980, respectively.

The Dreamlovers’ start in the music business

The Dreamlovers were an R&B and doo-wop group formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1956. The group consisted of Don Hogan (lead vocals), James Dunn (bass), Clifton Dunn (baritone), Tommy Ricks and Cleveland Hammock (both tenor). Early in their career, the band sang under a couple of different names such as The Romances and The Midnights. While they were still the Midnights, they served backing vocals for Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” in 1958. They also had a short stint at V-Tone Records.

The Dreamlovers with a Top Ten hit “When We Get Married”

The group were signed to Heritage records in the early 1960s. As now the Dreamlovers, they achieved their first and biggest hit with “When We Get Married.” written by Hogan. It reached #10 on the national chart in 1961.

The group’s other records

Later that year the Dreamlovers released their follow-up single “Let Them Love (And Be Loved),” also written by Hogan. It only became a minor hit, reaching #102 on the Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100.

After Heritage, the Dreamlovers moved to End Records (owned by record producer George Goldner), where they released their first single there entitled “I Miss You” in 1962. It also went to Billboard’s Bubbling Under 100 at #115.

The group’s second single at End label was “If I Should Lose You,” written by Hogan, Jerry Ross and Murray Wecht. That at least reached the Billboard Hot 100, peaking there at #62. Then they moved to Warner Bros. for brief time in 1965, recording the single “You Gave Me Somebody to Love” (#121 pop). The Dreamlovers were still active throughout the 1960s, cutting few records containing delectable East Coast R&B and exquisite vocal harmonies — whether the group was doing the usual doo-wop style or upbeat dance numbers.

Other artists covering the Dreamlovers tunes

Eventhough the Dreamlovers existed for a short time, their legacy has been still felt. British beat/pop group Manfred Mann did their version of “You Gave Me Somebody to Love” in 1966.

Soul group the Intruders covered the Dreamlovers’ lone major hit “When We Get Married” in 1970. Ten years later, musician Larry Graham (known for his work with Sly and the Family Stone) also covered the song.