The Easiest Overwatch Achievements


Overwatch is a fairly difficult game to play, as it requires skill to actually win plenty of games and have a top rank in competitive play, but there are some achievements in Overwatch that are so easy to get that even beginners can get them on their first try. Achievements are special awards that are given to players who have accomplished a task indicated in an achievement’s description. For example, there is an achievement in Overwatch called “Centenary,” and to get this, you would have to win 100 games in quick or competitive play. This achievement can be pretty hard to get since you would have to win 100 games, and there is no guarantee that the first 100 games you are going to play are a win. But, if you are a newbie and you want to know how getting an achievement in the game feels like, you can get some of the easier ones in just a few hours or days of playing. Here are some of the easiest achievements in Overwatch.

The Friend Zone

Considered to be the easiest achievement by many players, The Friend Zone is unlocked by playing a quick or competitive play match with a friend. If you have a friend that plays Overwatch, you can just invite him or her to a game, and the achievement will automatically be unlocked after the match. But, if you don’t have a friend that plays the game, you can just find someone to play with online by providing them with your Battle Tag. There are many forums online that are made for Overwatch players to find others to play with, so you wouldn’t really have a hard time finding a video game buddy.

Level 10

The second easiest achievement to get, according to most players, is Level 10, which is unlocked by reaching level 10 by getting EXP (experience points) in any mode. Reaching level 10 in Overwatch is fairly simple, as you would just need to play the game constantly, although some players might take days to reach the said level depending on how much they play per day. Of course, winning games will give you more EXP, but it isn’t required to win every game to reach level 10 fast since losing games will still give you EXP.

World Traveler

Much like the Level 10 achievement, the World Traveler achievement can be unlocked if you just continue playing the game. The achievement requires you to win a game on 12 different maps in quick or competitive play. You can easily win a game on 12 maps if you just play the game for two days to one week, although you may run into bad luck if you aren’t able to win a match in one or two maps. Make sure to list down the name of all Overwatch maps on a notepad so that you can check which maps you haven’t won a match on yet. To win matches faster easier in those maps, you can apply for Overwatch Boosting or just invite your skilled friend to play with you.

Overwatch character Ashe

Clearing the Area (Pharah)

Now, we will get to the achievements that can only be unlocked by playing specific characters. The first one of these character-exclusive achievements is Clearing the Area for Pharah, which requires the player to knock an enemy to their death (out of bounds) using the Concussive Blast ability in quick or competitive play. Knocking an enemy and make them fall to their deaths is fairly easy, especially in maps that are filled with many ledges, such as Nepal, Ilios, Lijiang Tower, Route 66, and Hanamura. But, the difficult part of using Concussive Blast is that you would need to aim it at a specific direction to make the enemy fall off the ledge. Once you play the game repeatedly using Pharah, you will eventually know when and how to knock an enemy to their death using the ability, or you might even make one fall accidentally.

Ice Blocked (Mei)

This Ice Block achievement is exclusive to Mei, and unlocking it involves blocking 1200 damage using Mei’s Ice Wall in quick or competitive play. Blocking that much damage is fairly easy if you use Ice Wall to block ultimate attacks like D.Va’s Self-Destruct, which is also quite easy to counter since it has a countdown. Besides blocking ultimate abilities, you can also use Ice Wall to block narrow passages, with the best one being the main entrance for the capture point in Oasis.

I Am Your Shield (Reinhardt)

Another easy character-exclusive achievement is I Am Your Shield Reinhardt, which unlocks if you are able to block 8000 damage using Reinhardt’s Barrier Field in quick or competitive play. The HP (Health Points) of Reinhardt’s Barrier Field ability is 1600 as of December 2020, so you would need to wait for the ability to cool down at least four to five times before you can use it again and block 8000 damage overall. However, allowing the shield to get broken is often bad for you and the team, as your line of defense is depleted until the ability’s cooldown is finished, so you would need to use your shield wisely if you don’t want to lose the game.

Those are just six of the easiest achievements that you can get in Overwatch. There are also other easy ones to unlock in the game, but those achievements depend on how well you play a specific character or how long you have played the game. To be better at playing Overwatch, you would need to master the controls and abilities of each character so that you will know how to counter them or pair with them better. By mastering every character in the game, unlocking achievements will be much easier.

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