The Easiest Way To Find Inmate Information In Cook County


You can find any Cook County inmate’s information in just a few minutes using the Cook County inmate search tool. The online tool provides information on current inmates and all inmates who have been in Cook County Jail, regardless of how long ago they were there.

You can also see information on visitors to Cook County Jail, visitation rules, and inmate release dates.

This guide will show you how to use the Cook County inmate search to find the information you need quickly and easily, so you can rest assured that your loved one or friend is being cared for while incarcerated.

Background information about the Cook County Jail

The Cook County Jail is the largest single-site correctional facility in the United States. It operates at approximately 198% capacity and has a higher rate of repeat offenders than any other jail in the country.

Founded in 1856, it was not until 1993 that the male and female inmate populations were separated, significantly reducing sexual violence against inmates.

Incarceration rates have increased by 80% since 1980, largely due to policies enacted by Governor Ronald Reagan that increased sentencing for possession of crack cocaine versus powder cocaine.

The easiest way to find inmate information in Cook County

The best and easiest way to find inmate information in Cook County is through the Cook County Inmate Search. There are two ways to use this search: you can either enter the inmate’s name or enter their arrest date.

Once you have found their profile, various links will lead you to more information about the inmate. The Inmate Records link at the top will show you their booking photo.

Also, it will allow you to view details about them, including if they are male or female, what jail they were booked into, what jail they were last held at, how much bail was set for them, and when their next court date is.

What you can do with inmate information

Information you can get from the Cook County Inmate search:

  • Locate an inmate in the Cook County Jail, Correctional Center, or Division of Juvenile Justice Facilities
  • Obtain a current physical address for inmates
  • Obtain a list of birthdays for current inmates 2. Obtain general information about jail regulations
  • Get jail records such as current charges and mugshots
  • Locate an inmate’s next of kin if they are deceased, incarcerated, or unable to be contacted.

Why is it important for family members to know how to use this information

Every time you turn on the news, there seems to be another story about a tragedy in one of the local jails. It’s scary to think that a loved one could end up there.

The best way to find out if your family member has been arrested is to use the Cook County inmate search.

You can search for their name, which will give you details about where they are incarcerated. You’ll see their mugshot, any charges they may have been found guilty of, and what court they’ll be transported to after release.

It’ll also tell you who their inmate advocate is and any allergies or special medical needs they may have.


Thankfully, Cook County has an inmate search tool to help you find inmates, making it easier to keep tabs on your loved ones. Hopefully, this guide was helpful and informative in showing you how to use the inmate search to find the inmate’s information in Cook County.


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