The Epitome of Luxury Living in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a real tourist paradise with snow-white beaches, stunning skyscrapers, luxurious oriental bazaars and giant shopping centers.

Fifty years ago, there was an endless desert where poverty reigned, and today the UAE is the embodiment of beauty, luxury and wealth. There you will no longer see camels on the streets, they will be replaced by Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bentley. Chic modern cities appeared in a deserted place.

The world’s largest aquarium, the tallest structure on the planet – Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, a ski resort in the desert, a Bedouin camp, Formula 1 racing, camel racing and jeep safari in the desert – all this can be seen in this stunning country.

The United Arab Emirates is a place where the past and the present are in harmony with each other, where ancient customs are combined with the latest technologies. No one is surprised by the proximity of ancient mosques with glass business centers, colorful oriental bazaars with huge shopping centers, ancient architectural monuments with golf courses.

This is a sunny country where it almost never rains.

Tours to Emirates

Currently, there are tours to every emirate of the UAE. Fans of shopping and nightlife choose tours to the most famous emirates – Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the leaders of the UAE in the field of shopping. And Dubai is also, perhaps, the most popular among the resorts of the UAE. Narrow streets and old houses are adjacent to palace hotels and modern skyscrapers, authentic markets with chic boutiques, home cafes with luxury restaurants, and this splendor is surrounded by beaches worthy of a luxury resort. Holidays in the emirate of Dubai are designed for lovers of yachts, planes, horses, safaris, diving, windsurfing, paragliding and discos. Here you can cross the desert on a camel, skate on an ice rink and ski on the dunes. Local shopping centers, where prices are pleasantly surprising, have become a constant cause of universal surprise. And many of the best hotels, many of which have made the Emirates famous all over the world, are the pride of the UAE hotel industry. The Burj Al Arab Hotel is one of them, which is waiting for guests after a busy working day to provide them with a VIP vacation.

Abu Dhabi is a park city, considered not only the largest and richest in the Emirates, but also one of the most luxurious in the world. There are several hotels on the shores of the bay, one is better than the other: oriental palaces, ultra-modern glass buildings, European-style hotels. The prices here are not cheap, as are the prices for hotels in the Emirates in general, but this is the cost of living in a beautiful fairy tale. The Emirates are famous not only for hotels, but also for shops. Shopping lovers choose tours here: after all, many streets of Abu Dhabi are shopping centers with markets and boutiques, where you can find almost everything at a duty-free price.

Dubai is a city of opportunities

Usually, a foreigner already knows what he wants to get when choosing a country for permanent residence: favorable conditions for doing business, high income, employment, the opportunity to live in a rich, safe country, access to good and affordable real estate, etc. But the United Arab Emirates is unique in this respect, because it provides emigrants with almost unlimited opportunities for a comfortable life in this country, both for an entrepreneur, an employee, and a rich person who has invested in local real estate. All three methods will allow you to live in Dubai for at least two years, enjoying the high standard of living and security of the region, year-round access to beach holidays and many others. Having received a resident visa, you get almost equal rights with citizens and, if you adhere to the legislation of the UAE, you will live here for more than ten years.

Dubai is a center of high-quality life

In fact, Dubai is considered a city of contrasts: poor immigrants working on construction sites and living in poor conditions, on the one hand, and rich people living in elite real estate in Dubai: villas on the beach or in luxury urban penthouses on the other side. As a rule, the standard of living in Dubai for most residents is extremely high not only for UAE citizens, but also for emigrants. That is why you can make a good career in the United Arab Emirates, build a successful business and get rich. In addition, people living in Dubai can enjoy all the advantages of a non-poor region: a developed health care system, education and banking system, entertainment opportunities, etc.

Enjoy luxury stay in Dubai

Become a hot air balloon pilot

Just imagine: you soar into the sky at an altitude of 1200 meters at dawn in the company of live falcons, and below you are the endless golden sands of the desert, emerald oases and camel caravans. The fairy tale has come to life!

Enjoy your cocktail high in the sky

Dubai is famous all over the world for its high-rise recreation halls. In any of them, it is felt that life has reached a qualitatively new level.

Take a yacht cruise

A good night’s sleep, a contrasting shower, a delicious late breakfast, a perfect cappuccino – in this picture of the perfect start to the day on vacation, there is only one thing missing: a yacht that easily sways on the waves in anticipation of adventures.

Rent a white yacht in Dubai and sail along the beautiful coast! You can hire a boat with a crew, take the helm yourself or book an evening cruise with dinner – in any case, this day will definitely raise your sails for a long time.

luxury living in Dubai

We will help you enjoy luxury living in Dubai

Living in Dubai has many advantages and few shortcomings. You can make sure of this if you decide to live in an active and developed region of the United Arab Emirates with various real estate opportunities: studios, penthouses, villas and apartments in Dubai. The experts of Emirates.Estate will be happy to help those who need help in organizing the process of business immigration to the Emirates.