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Since he debuted in the Korean entertainment industry back in 2003, Hyun Bin has been one of Korea’s most recognized stars. He is not only famous for his acting skills but also well-known as an accomplished singer and model. In this article, we will be looking at some of Hyun bin’s cinematic highlights.

How did Hyun Bin start his career?

When his modeling career first began, Hyun Bin quickly became known as one of the most sought-after talents in Asia. He soon followed up this accomplishment by acting and singing on a few occasions, but it wasn’t until 2003 when he gained international attention for his performance in “Love Story.”

Hyun Bin in “Love Story” movie

This movie’s title may be misleading as it is not the romantic comedy you might be expecting. The film tackles a grown woman’s search for her long-lost childhood love, and Hyun Bin plays both the adult and child versions of that character.

“My Name Is Kim Sam Soon,”

In 2006, he played opposite Kim Tae Hee in “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon,” which had been the most popular Korean drama of 2005.

“My Girlfriend is an Agent.”

This came in 2007. Hyun Bin played a vampire in “My Girlfriend is an Agent.” It was also around this time that he starred with top actress Kim Tae Hee for the third time. The movie was directed by the talented Kim Jin, Man of Crazy Love and Spellbound. It can be said that this film helped pave his way to stardom in Korea.

“Secretly Greatly”

His last film to play was “Secretly Greatly.” This time he played a North Korean spy who infiltrates South Korea as part of an elite team. The character is posing undercover for 20 years and in this case, Hyun Bin had to age himself alongside his co-stars Kim Soo Ro and Song Yoon

Which other movies has he featured in?

Which other movies has he featured in

Hyun Bin got incorporated in more movies. Below is a list of Hyun Bin Movies:

“The Con Artists”

Released in 2014, this is the first film that Hyun Bin has starred in as a con artist, with Jung Jae Young playing his mentor.

“The Beauty Inside.”

Hyun Bin plays a man who wakes up looking completely different each day. He has to learn the hard way that how he looks isn’t all there is to life. This film marks the first time in Korean cinema history that an actor had been given permission to age naturally over 20 years.

“The Fatal Encounter”

His latest film is “The Fatal Encounter” in which he played a North Korean spy who infiltrates South Korea as part of an elite team to assassinate President Park Chung Hee, but the mission doesn’t go according to plan and Hyun Bin’s character ends up killing himself instead.

Producing and directing

Hyun Bin plans after retirement to pursue a career in producing and directing. He intends to put his skills and expertise to work in movie production and directing. Through this, he also intends to support upcoming movie actors in the industry.

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