The Five Elements You Must Check before Choosing A Right Dry Bag Manufacturer

The dry bag is a key product in water sports such as kayaking, boating, canoeing, yachting, and outdoor activities in which wet weather condition is unavoidable. Most retailers in the field of outdoor activities and water sports try to include dry bags in their stores with their own logos. But as you search for a dry bag manufacturer, there are five key elements that must be taken into consideration:

Production Capability

The production capability is the most important element when choosing a dry bag manufacturer or a dry bag supplier. A capable manufacturer should have the right expertise on dry bags, have a rigorous standard operating procedure, and be familiar with necessary certifications (ingress protection, for example) or even be able to certify your products.
Capacity also matters when selecting manufacturers. You would not cooperate with a supplier that can only produce tens of bags per month for you when you need hundreds or even thousands of dry bags.
Bonus points for suppliers that are well connected with their clients during each step of production from pre-production sample to final inspection.

Customization Ability

As dry bags are a highly customizable product, the customization ability of a manufacturer should not be ignored, especially when clients want uniquely customized dry bags. Depending on your level of customization need, you may look for a supplier who may only be able to add your logo on their existing dry bags, or a manufacturer that accept OEM and ODM orders. The design ability should also be considered and you can ask the manufacturer’s sales representative to show you their sample room!

Production and Delivery Time

While there exist manufacturers that take several months to produce an order, most manufacturers are able to produce dry bags in 30 to 45 days for a bulk order and 7 to 14 days for a sample one. Consider how urgent you are with your order and then decide whether to work with a dry bag manufacturer that takes longer or shorter to produce their products. If you don’t have a logistic agent, then the shipping time is also important. A reliable supplier will proactively suggest the most suitable means of shipping for you to choose.

Quality Control

Whether you are rigorous with the quality, you should look for a dry bag manufacturer that match your demand. A trustworthy manufacturer should inspect the raw material, during the production stage, and the final products and submit the inspection report to their clients. You may also ask them to send you a sample for their previous clients: most reliable suppliers keep these samples stored (but some of them may be confidential) unless they are already sent to other clients before you.

Aftersales Service

Aftersales service also matters when choosing a supplier. A faithful manufacturer most likely has an independent aftersales team for their clients to express any issues and complaints more freely after their purchase. At least, it is hard to talk to a sales representative that you are already familiar with about the quality issues of their products.


When choosing a manufacturer for your dry bag bulk order, it is helpful to take a deep look at their production capability, customization ability, delivery speed, quality control, and aftersales service. It may take time for you to find the supplier that best match your demand, but you and your company will benefit from it.