The Founding of the Amazon Empire!


Nowadays, Amazon is the most popular and widely used ecommerce platform. The main reason is that people trust Amazon, since they are completely sure that whatever happens on this platform will be handled in their favour. Therefore, more than 310 million customers prefer to buy stuff from this online marketplace. 

Baby Steps

Let’s be honest, Amazon is the first name that comes into your mind when you are thinking about ordering something from online stores.  But a few people know that there was a time when the retailer giant was just a little book store in Jeff Bezos’ garage.

It took more than 20 years for Amazon to turn from a little book shop to the most popular e-commerce store.

Everything began on July 16, 1995. Jeff Bezos was a young guy full of enthusiasm (and hair!), with the goal to conquer the e-commerce world. During this period of time, Bezos devoted his time to studying physics and math. Later, he changed his mind by concentrating on his small business. After graduating Princeton as an electrical engineer and computer science specialist, he started to devote more and more time to creating the most popular e-commerce store in the world. A total investment in Amazon was $10,000. It was his own money that he definitely put in the right direction.

Books to Success

At an early stage of his empire’s establishment, Jeff Bezos took the orders, packed the books, and took them to the post office himself.

At first, Amazon sold books without charging sales tax to its customers.

“Cadabra” was the first version that Bezos intended to name his company, but later, he changed his mind by giving his preference to “Amazon” after the largest river in South America. During the shortest period of time, Amazon started to show incredible results, by becoming popular all over the United States. More and more people expressed the wish to invest into this company. So, if you invested $1000 in Amazon in 1997, now you would have more than $1,137,000. Quite tempting, isn’t it?

By 2000, Amazon had started to work with third-party sellers, by allowing them to sell through its platform. By this period of time, Amazon was considered to be not just a bookstore, but an established and quite popular online platform with a variety of products.

In 2005, Amazon came up with the customer loyalty program, by offering customers free shipping and other useful benefits just by paying $79 per year. It was a smart move, since nowadays there are more than 112 million people who are active members of the Prime Program.

Next up were Alexa and Echo which were something incredible and new for that period of time.

From Here to Eternity

Nowadays, Amazon is on the top of the food chain, by offering its customers products such as music, books, electronics, groceries, and other categories. Moreover, Amazon does not forget about its roots, and produces Kindle e-book readers and pays much attention to the publishing market.

The popularity of Amazon rises day by day. Nowadays, it has more than 10 million active sellers who successfully run their business on this platform. If you intend to join them and become the owner of an e-commerce business, you should be ready that you can face several issues on your way. For example, you can receive an Amazon suspension, since there are lots of reasons why Amazon can stop your selling privileges. But, if you find your Amazon account suspended for any reason, do not worry, since there are lots of professional reinstatement services like Got Suspended Clients who can help you solve this issue within no time.


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