The French Beret

The French beret is a popular fashion item worn all over the world and boasting of a French origin. It comes in different colors and could be won to various factions, all depending on the wearer’s sense of style and taste. Teh historical French beret was initially popularized by the French military in 1700-1800 to symbolize their elite positions. It was in the beginning, a thrill of the small scale farmers, and it was just for formalities that they wore it.

The French beret is a small hat, almost a pancake size, and can easily be told to originate from France. The ancient French beret, however, is flat and circular with a little tail popping at the back and made of felted wool. The hat is portable and can easily fit into pant pockets, or even shirt pockets, small dinner bags or carried in one’s hands if not worn on the head. Portability of this wear is among the top reasons why people from diverse occupations found it suitable for everyday wear. Currently, it is available in leading virtual retailers and land-based ones as well.

This tiny stylish cap speaks of someone’s sense of style and attitude hence a reason for being worn by screen and stage celebrities, shepherds, soldiers, cadets, and scouts. From France, this piece of clothing spread to other parts of Europe. Additionally, it ceased being a functional piece over time as it evolved into a fashion item that was adored for its aesthetic value. Here are some facts about the French beret that fascinate a decent number of people from across the globe:

The French credit its discovery to Noah of the bible

The French don’t claim its origin but give credit to Noah of the bible for making such a significant discovery on this stylistic wear –while it was raining in Noah’s ark, and he was walking around he saw some sheep wool that had been trampled on into a felt, he collected it and put it on his head and eureka! Noah had a beret!

Transition into the fashion realm

Originally the beret was worn by men, but gradually women began to adorn it, and it picked up momentum in the 1930s when Coco Channel, a designer who was well known for taking men’s clothing and making the women’s designer wear made the beret a ladies statement wear. Great film actresses like G. Garbo and Brigitte Bardot embraced it, making it an expressive ladies hat. This, therefore, made it unisex and further propelled its growth among men and women from diverse cultures.

The French beret in modern-day

From the French and Spaniards, the beret spread to other armies in the world, and each picked a color as a form of identification. In the contemporary world, this type of hat has been worn to symbolize various things. For instance, when Julius Malema, the president of Economic Freedom Fighters, wears it, people automatically understand that he is in activism mode. As a fashion statement, the French beret has faced a decline as other popular trends emerged. It re-surfaced in 2009 as the French youth reconnected with their heritage bring them back like they never left.