The Fundamentals of Foundation


Foundation is a cosmetics base that is intended to hide blemishes and balance out skin tone so that the rest of your makeup can be applied evenly. Because the wrong foundation can make you look unnatural and won’t provide a good canvas for the rest of your makeup, it’s crucial to choose the perfect shade. When choosing a foundation shade, there are several aspects to consider, including skin type, skin tone, and complexion. There is also knowing what types to use. There is a liquid foundation for everyone, whether you prefer full coverage and matte, blurring and natural, or very dewy.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all foundation. It’s just as vital to choose the correct foundation as it is to know how to apply it. Due to the huge range of tints, textures, and coverage levels available, foundation is one of the most difficult makeup components to purchase. The ultimate goal is to select a foundation that not only looks like your skin but also performs better. However, given most beauty aisles have poor lighting for swatching and smaller mirrors than most compacts, this can be difficult to achieve.


Unlike a bold lipstick or a sparkling eye shadow designed to sparkle, foundation is the unsung hero behind the scenes. After all, the best foundation isn’t meant to be seen. So, how do you choose the perfect foundation tone to make your skin look natural? Continue reading for some helpful hints on how to locate your ideal foundation makeup match!


Before picking a foundation, it’s critical to figure out a few details about your complexion, such as your undertone. While the color of your skin’s surface may change as a result of environmental causes or acne, your undertone will never change. As a result, knowing your undertone will help you choose the right foundation color for you. Warm, neutral, and cool undertones are the three types of skin undertones.

Cool-toned skin can appear red, pink, or bluish, and the veins on your wrist can appear blue in natural light. In the sun, you tend to burn rather than tan. Silver jewelry enhances your appearance. Warm skin tones might be described as yellow, peachy, or golden, and in natural light, the veins on your wrist seem green. You look finest when you’re wearing gold jewelry. Persons with a neutral skin tone can use olive tones or a combination of the above. Neutral undertones are a mix of warm and cool tones that cause you to burn and tan at different times, and they match well with both gold and silver jewelry.

Shade Test

Finding the perfect foundation color becomes much more manageable when you know your skin tone and undertone. You’ll most likely have a few foundation tones to pick from by now. It’s essential to test the colors on your skin and locate the right fit in this situation. Begin by making a list of three shades that appear to be a good match. Then, as short lines on your jawline, dab some of each color. Consider your neck as well as your face while making your ultimate decision. The foundation you chose should be able to blend in with your face as well as your neck.


Lighting is crucial, just as it is for taking the perfect selfie. Skip the artificial lighting in the store and go outdoors to examine how the pigments look in natural light once you’ve swatched them. You will look ashy or have a grey cast on your complexion if your makeup is too light. Your complexion, on the other hand, may appear murky if the product is too dark. Your optimal match is the color that blends in the best with your skin tone.



If you despise applying makeup, a full-coverage foundation will seem oppressive. That’s why knowing how each coverage level looks is crucial to choosing the best one for your needs. If this describes you, a more sheer foundation is a good choice when you’re unsure how much coverage you’ll need. Choose a full-coverage foundation if you want a long-lasting foundation that doesn’t require touch-ups during the day or if you have acne or discoloration.


Your skin tone may fluctuate as the weather changes. So while your summer shade may look great when you’re tanned, it’s unlikely to look as good in the dead of winter. Your undertone will stay the same, but the depth of your foundation shade will need to be color matched again as your skin tone shifts throughout the year to keep your complexion looking perfect.


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